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What now?

What now?

31 окт. 2018, 18:3631.10.18

What now?

Being on this game and forum for a while, I'm ready for a good glass of wine, so here I am.... in the tavern.....

I like the game, played it for a couple of weeks, and I do have some spare time the coming months, so what is the direction I should go?

I'm at level 9 now.

I tried to talk to somebody on the main chat, but I couldn't read what they were saying.

Probably Russian or so....

Here in this forum everything looks death too. Or maybe is everybody playing the game ?

I could find myself an Order and play on...

Or I can just call it a day and move on to find something else.

1 нояб. 2018, 17:2301.11.18

Find yourself an order and carry on playing. Being part of an order changes the whole game experience and allows you to increase power much much faster than doing it on your own.

Find and order at the top of the tree with some high ranking players and are aiming at building the citadel.

The banter keeps the game interesting and you will get lots of tips from other players.

Good hunting

3 нояб. 2018, 17:5103.11.18
Thank you for answering my question. I like to build things, I like the city and explore how the game works and what everybody is doing. But I have no intention to invest a lot of money in this game. I'm in Minsone and the top orders have rules, like: shield mandatory, at least 100k power etc. So I don't think they want me.... haven't asked yet .... I'm a bit lost right now... They already have a citadel also. And I only look at English speaking orders. .... so still no solution to my dilemma.
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