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Cities and Peace Shields

Cities and Peace Shields

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29 апр. 2017, 05:4729.04.17

Cities and Peace Shields

Firstly I think this and Vikings are great games. What I don't like is the way an attacker can move his city, attack and then put up a peace shield. This gives a defender little or no time to react to the attack or mount a counter attack. What I suggest is:-

1) Cities can move but it can take time, maybe 12 or 24 hours to complete. This would mean that city moves would be used mainly for consolidating an Order or Clan. If it were used to attack it gives time for defenders to prepare. To compensate for the lack of city movement a player can set up camps from which to attack. Although setting up a camp would be immediate there would be a delay while it's defences are built. This delay would depend on the level of the players home city. During this delay the player cannot mount any attacks although it can be attacked. There is the same delay when dismantling a camp.

2) The purpose of peace shields should be to protect a city when the player is off-line or away from the keyboard not as a convenient way of avoiding an attack. As such there should be a delay of 1 hour before a shield comes into effect.

I propose that these changes would bring a lot more strategy and planning to the game which at the moment relies mainly on brute strength.

What does anyone else think?
2 май 2017, 14:3802.05.17
I agree with you about point 2. Maybe not for an hour but at least like 5-10 minutes before you can shield again.
3 май 2017, 09:1603.05.17

It's okay for me that we can take a bubble very fast. I like to attack and I have that I can lose =D. Of course, it seems like competition "whose devise is faster" but it does not cause me any inconvenience.

5 май 2017, 09:2905.05.17

Cool down of shield.... it seems a little strange, but maybe it's really fair ...

10 май 2017, 11:5910.05.17

Your_Darkness_Queen said:

Cool down of shield.... it seems a little strange, but maybe it's really fair ...

I'm not sure that shield without cool down it's not fair. It's a little another king of stratedy I think.