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Reinforcement indication

Reinforcement indication

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2 сент. 2019, 12:0502.09.19

Reinforcement indication

with so many players in a coalition , for me it is impossible to remember everyone of those that i have sent a reinforcement to ( as an advanced indicator of an enemy visit be it spying or attack mission). Would it be possible and feasable to add anThis could be in the formof a coloured dot indicator next to the players name ( in the coalition warrior list to show that you have sent a soldier to a player). This could be in the form of a coloured dot which would go out if the soldier is lost in battle. so giving a quick indication that you have or have not sent any to a specific player.

13 сент. 2019, 20:1813.09.19

you can see the cities you are reinforcing via the Garrisons tab in your war council, the most recent hit will be at the top if you havent lost all troops there in a raid, if you did the raid will show as a total loss on your battle reports 

24 сент. 2019, 16:4024.09.19

As Morteeee mentioned you can see them in your garrison tab in war council.

 I understand your suggestion as at times is difficult to go and check multiple pages and making sure you remember to send reinforcements back especially if you are sending over a 100 reinforcements  in your own coalition or alliance of coalitions and you wish at least in your coalition things to be easier to deal with.

This can maybe be looked into it by developers and see if they can come up with something if this feature is used by many players and not only few i guess.