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Contributors wanted!

Contributors wanted!

How to join our moderation team?
22 март 2016, 16:1422.03.16

Contributors wanted!

Each day more and more newbies register on our forum. They come in search of information on how to properly play the game. Newbies can have a hard time figuring out Sparta, so a potentially great Archons may leave the game simply because they did not find an answer to a question they had. To cover all the questions that newbies may ask, we want to create an ultimate Sparta guide topic, where one is able to quickly find all the information they might need to start playing Sparta properly.

Experienced Archons can take part in the creation of this guide by writing their articles on given topics. Your participation will be rewarded! You will not only receive a material reward of Drachmas, but you will also help our forum become a better place by educating both the newbies and advanced players who want to improve even more. To learn more about how you can participate, PM Leonidas ( https://plarium.com/forum//en/profile/22504/ ) and tell him you are interested. 

P.S. You will also get a chance to receive forum achievements: Distinguished author and Guru.

We await your letters, Archons!

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