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Towers vs. Assassins Question

Towers vs. Assassins Question

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31 янв. 2019, 18:2831.01.19

Towers vs. Assassins Question

If you are defending your city which has towers and defensive units and you are attacked with assassins, will the assassins take out the towers first, or will they take out some percentage of def units, and some percentage of towers? 

31 янв. 2019, 18:4031.01.19

 .... towers first ...

31 янв. 2019, 19:3131.01.19
Thanks Ioannis 
31 янв. 2019, 23:0531.01.19


the system changed with the traps and now the first thing they die is they but you speak only of towers and soldiers, well suppose you have no traps and only 20 towers and 20 soldiers and they throw you 1 Greek assassin: always kill some soldier can not kill all the towers, the number of dead towers and soldiers is "random".


el sistema cambio con lo de las trampas y ahora lo primero que mueren son ellas pero tu hablas solo de torres y soldados, bien supongamos que no tienes trampas y solo 20 torres y 20 soldados y te lanzan 1 asesino griego : siempre matara algun soldado aunque no puede matar todas las torres, el numero de torres y soldados muertos es "aleatorio"

1 фев. 2019, 00:0801.02.19
1 фев. 2019, 00:30(отредактировано)

Hello Elias, thanks for your reply. 

I am aware of the assassins killing first traps (or traps killing assassins) before anything. 

In your example, when you say "random" , let's suppose my total tower power equals 5,000,  and my defensive soldier power equals 50,000 (ten times larger). Then would it be likely that a proportionate amount of towers go down (i.e. roughly 10 times more defensive unit power than the tower power)?  

The reason I am investigating this is I'm aware of a tactic to use assassins right before a raid, and if the assassins take out the towers, then that removes their CDB effects on the raid.. whereas this cannot be done vs. a wall. 

5 фев. 2019, 10:1605.02.19
5 фев. 2019, 10:21(отредактировано)

Towers will be the one to take a visible damage before any units.

The plus benefit of upgrading to the level 10 is by adding a significant city defense bonus to your city.

In a case where your defense bonus of your city, general ability, intellect level and legendary equipment geared on your general is maxed and applied and your units are defending the city along side your towers then only towers equivalent with the enemies force will be damaged and ready to be repaired with a reduction speed from Sappers for 25% when all five sappers are brought, and for an instant with the help of boosts.

Walls will not have a visible damage but contribute to the overall city defense bonus.

have a significant impact on the damage of any assassins can do to a city and having them upgraded will benefit as the damage received will be firstly received by the Traps, then fortification, then units.

The only situation faced by players is the fact that when you spy on a city you do not get a report with how many or which kind of traps are built in the city you spy that's when an assassin can be used to help in having a look if traps are built.

Also a good point to remember is that traps are built to defend against different categories of units and the only traps that will act against all units are the Universal Traps.

A very important factor is the general and his equipment as this can significantly add power to units when an attack is inflicted on a city, the only thing is to remember to activate ability of All Units offense and defense boost at level 26 for a 10% .

I hope this helps.

26 март 2019, 22:1926.03.19
26 март 2019, 22:23(отредактировано)

my experience so far 

damages are proportional to the attack

it will kill  x def  for 1 tower

you send 5 PA and you kill 1  tower = expected to send 5 pa x 19 times mores  to kill all tower ( if same level ) and get to the hermes 

 = with the first hit you can evaluate the total def units present in the city 

Overall  sparta is entertaining game, BUT

Greek assasisin made the game totally  ABSURD DESTRUCTION TOOL for  heavy coiners. (plarium is happy )

2 апр. 2019, 10:3602.04.19

Hi, Spartans! I surely understand that seeing players using too many Assassins can be discouraging, especially for such experienced players.

We have various limits for all features in the game which help us to keep players' actions under control. For instance, you have only 10 attempts and you cannot send more than 10 Assassins items per attempt. Even though the damage from all of these attacks can be quite big, it is limited.

Also, now it's possible to build Traps which can help to protect your City even more than before. Using a smart tactic is the key to success in this game :)