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New Guardians

New Guardians

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AlinaCommunity Manager
25 фев. 2020, 15:0425.02.20

New Guardians

New Guardians

Summon Elysian Guardians and Emporium Guardians now!


Rejoice in the arrival of new Guardians in Hellas! Follow their sage advice to make your City even more productive and powerful.

New Guardians For Emporia

The Negotiator Boosts Emporium Resource Gathering Speed, getting precious Resources to your City even faster.

It has four Skills that can be upgraded – Bronze Gathering Speed, Timber Gathering Speed, Grain Gathering Speed, and Rare Resource Gathering Speed (Drachmas, Moonstones, Glory Points, Denarii).

The Epistates Boosts Unit Carrying Capacity at Emporia, allowing your forces to bring greater treasures back with the same number of soldiers.

It has 4 Skills that can be upgraded too – Bronze Carrying Capacity, Timber Carrying Capacity, Grain Carrying Capacity, and Rare Resource Carrying Capacity (Drachmas, Moonstones, Glory Points, Denarii).

New Guardians For Your Elysian City

The Thean Acolyte Boosts Moonstone Production.

It has one Skill that can be upgraded – Moonstone Production.

The Paidonomos Boosts Elysian Unit Training Speed.

It has four Skills that can be upgraded – Elysian Light Infantry Training, Elysian Heavy Infantry Training, Elysian Phalanx Training, and 

Elysian Cavalry Training.

The Strategist Boosts Elysian Ability Activation Chance.

It has four Skills that can be upgraded – Light Infantry Ability Chance, Heavy Infantry Ability Chance, Phalanx Ability Chance, and Cavalry Ability Chance. Note that these Skills are only relevant for Elysian Units.

These new Guardians have been blessed with great talent and skill. Heed their words, and the gods will surely look kindly upon you.

Basileus Leonidas

2 март 2020, 12:5302.03.20
as you continue to provide us with more busy work to generate more profit,you continue to forget that tedious only makes the game more boring.However,if you allowed us to unite with other coa's,to actually fight and compete against xerxes,in simulated interesting battles with achievable relevant good rewards,you would capture more players,increase revenue,and renew interest in sparta.It would be great to unite against the real enemy Xerxes and actually receive useful rewards without buying a package,like holy summoning bonds,for example.Hey but what do I know,I'm just a gamer hoping for something exciting to come along.However,it would be nice if time spent on Sparta gave back predetermined attainable rewards.Gamers like to receive rewards.Just an idea.
17 фев. 2021, 00:3917.02.21

I have a question, the strategist offers his activation chance bonus for our Elysian units stationed in our city only or also to those outside our city, because I am told that yes ors when we activate it is good write that the guardians stationed in our city offer defense bonuses to our city at no time outside ..... thank you for enlightening me on this point

17 фев. 2021, 00:4317.02.21

and another question does our mammertimes sent in reinforcements cover only our units or also the units of other players if their numbers are sufficient?