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3 окт. 2021, 18:1303.10.21


It has been proven that Plarium's thinking heads when it comes to making money are a disaster:

- Offers that do not engage due to their fluidity in the ups and downs of the %,

- Disappearance of payment methods that leave some countries unable to buy,

- ........

Now I discovered another way Plarium loses money:

- it is known the prohibition to sell or transfer accounts, you create an account and when you get tired of playing you have to delete it.

It has a certain logic but economically it is losing money, when a player who usually spends a few €/$ a month on the game gets tired of it, what he does is to put it up for sale.

If that account disappears Plarium loses money, the money spent by that player.

But if that account is bought by another player, who usually has money (more or less), the account will continue to produce profits.

One day they will realise this and allow accounts to change clients?

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Esta demostrado que las cabezas pensantes de Plarium a la hora de hacer dinero son un desastre:

- Ofertas que no enganchan por su fluidez en subidas y bajadas del %,

- desaparicion de medios de pago que dejan a algunos paises sin poder comprar,

-  ........

Ahora descubri otra manera de que Plarium pierde dinero:

- es conocida la prohibicion de vender o ceder cuentas, tu creas una cuenta y cuando te cansas de jugar la tienes que eliminar.

Tiene su cierta logica pero economicamente es perder dinero,  cuando un jugador que generalmente gasta en el juego unos pocos €/$ al mes se cansa lo que hace es ponerla a la venta.

Si esa cuenta desaparece Plarium pierde dinero, el dinero que gastaba ese jugador

pero si esa cuenta la compra otro jugador, lo normal es que tenga dinero ( mas o menos ), la cuenta seguira produciendo veneficios.

Algun dia se daran cuenta y permitiran que las cuentas cambien de cliente ??

4 окт. 2021, 03:4704.10.21

Hello Pantuflo:

Plarium is the owner of the game. When you start the game you agree to play under certain rules and conditions. And when you are playing the game, that's means that you are building a city for fun, not for profit. 

On the same page, Plarium´s purchase policy is out of players´ hands too.