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Epic Bonds Subtracted My Holy Bond(s)

Epic Bonds Subtracted My Holy Bond(s)

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2 янв. 2021, 03:0102.01.21

Epic Bonds Subtracted My Holy Bond(s)

I have been upgrading my Guardians-so I purchased a package with Energy refills.

As you can imagine, it takes a long time to upgrade Guardians. 

What I want to inquire is "Why", when I get an Epic bond (4 Total) after so many skirmishes and I go to use those Epic bonds-My Holy Bonds (8) was subtracted from. I now have 6 Holy Bonds!

Believe me, I have been saving the Holy Bonds for a particular Guardian-so I am well aware of how many Holy Bonds I have (or in this case-Had)

I suppose you would think it a Forum Rules breech if i told you I that I paid for two (2) of those Bonds.

My next question is how do I get re-imbursed for two Holy Bonds?

Thank you and Happy New Year

6 янв. 2021, 14:0006.01.21
6 янв. 2021, 14:01(отредактировано)

First off, if you are sure that you didn't open them, I suggest changing a password for both your Plarium Play account and email address. 

Secondly, to make sure that those bonds were opened, please submit a ticket to our technical support department  and specify the exact date when you noticed them missing.