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Moderators wanted!
13 янв. 2019, 19:3313.01.19

coktailus NTD said:


may be its a victory for us   but for me  its not a victory  nords are top 35  ! i will destroy your second pan after nords will have the good place!   as long ntd exist  no panfor nords! no future for nords! 

good game all!

Seems you did not keep your promise, lots of NTD Coas disappeared, today I realized you merged the poor rest of it in a Coa called "La Patrie des Clowns" or something like that. If i am thinking of the promise you made, i always remember a song from truly rock legends:

you can't always get what you want....

May we do it a little easier for you guys and take some more Panth's, since few months we hold ten of them and you still crushing all your army without any sucess.