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The fall of Imperium Romanum or what we do with a traitor

The fall of Imperium Romanum or what we do with a traitor

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8 янв. 2019, 19:5908.01.19

The fall of Imperium Romanum or what we do with a traitor

Normally we do not use the forum, but as there are multiple lies about our coalition lately and attempts to harm us with those lies and intrigues, we want to give a brief of our reasons for the Rmperium Romanum takedown. So briefly to the story:

After we finished our war as a part of the Liberation Front, we tried to build our own family and the goal was to build one coalition for each language. We did not care what size those coalitions possessed at this time and so we recruted for the Italian speaking part, the coalition Imperium Romanum with an extremely friendly Hegemon Gaius.

At that time, the coalition was very small and the capital and units were being destroyed by Nordmann. Nevertheless, we took the coalition under our protection and our other diplomatic relations made sure that Gaius could build the coalition. Finally, through our help (recruiting, positioning in the CU family and the necessary capital downgrades to raise their capital), Gaius got a full coalition with a Level 20's capital.

In all this time, Gaius was always nice and helpful in conversations, but in the end this was only related to his demands to get a polemarche position. But he also made for us many new enemies and heated always in a conscience situation, such as that he called for a war against Titans300. He also told us that behind all the conspiracies is USGU, who is the hegemon of our closest ally, Nordmann.

When finally the war began Gaius left with his coalition the Cultus family and tried to joyn Nordmann. Unfortunately, we were able to submit the necessary proovements to Nordann and he was kicked out there. Then he landed directly at our new enemies he had created for us and which he hates so much.

Everyone can now form his own picture of it, but we have found sufficient reasons for us to take his beloved Imperium Romanum down. He tried to destroy our coalition on several foolish ways. Also, this act, like most of our acts in Sparta history, is an act of deference, just as we will always defend our conquered space.

And one more thing to all those who fall for lies and intrusions, we will always defend ourselves, we will always stick together and if it really has to be we will go down together. We are one of Spart's most active and committed coalitions, we are CULTUS UNITED! Think about it, who benefits from all these tricks again and again, then you will find the true opponent.

With all respect towards our haters and enemies


9 янв. 2019, 12:2309.01.19
9 янв. 2019, 13:20(отредактировано)
  1. You apparently must have forrgot what a game is. There is no place for " what we do to traitors" in a game
  2. You talk about your haters. Don't confond, I know some guys who don't appreciate Cultus. Perhaps because they have been threatened, or you are lying all the time. 
  3. You want loyalty ? Your coalition is the place to be for all so called  traitors and bad guys of the server. So you can expect from others only the respect you deserve
  4. I guess you will do the same with all the coalitions who lied to us saying that they left CU. Sure they didn't but one lie more or not .. what's the importance.
  5. You need to come there to explain why you killed one more coalition ? You are universally hated in this server.... I wonder why. Perhaps because you are always attacking your friends or allies, when you are not only threatening them  ? 

Any problems with cultus ? Donc call 911 or 112 . Just ask us 

Helena Bathory - House of Batiatus
9 янв. 2019, 14:5209.01.19

Hello Helena ,I see you put a lot of bullets and talking theoretically  about how bad we are ,,how we bully  and threat a lot of coas , our coalition is the place for bad guys and traitors..I would really appreciate to explain all these bullets with specific facts ..Who we bully and threat?? did we have  reason in case we threat?( usually you learn the half story ,the one you wanna hear and expand). Why we are the bad guys , what have we done :D? .people with a normal iq  would ask them selves..Is it possible in coa full of bad guys and traitors to be in top for so many years? To be united and the high ranks to be so stable?I think that in a coa like you describe the survival is impossible ..You should know better  of your coa  since is very united and full of nice guys :D that s why you --survive-- (:D) and the half of your strong members left you :D ( you were one of those I think ) ...Please put away the hate and the jealous  and be realistic ..it s just a game after all right? 

about the call to you , in case someone have problem with us , It made me laugh a lot !! :D 

With Respect 

MrGreeDy -Cultus United

9 янв. 2019, 19:3009.01.19

Well said MrGreedy and thank you Helena for showing whole Sparta who is behind all those lies and manipulations! It is exactly the same ideology and politics in your statement like it was on another threat in this forum postet by an alt account:


As I said at the end of my post. Everyone should make his own picture now about this. You forget one important thing, you exactly descripe what your coalition did in the past and is doing now again to fight other coalitions. You use those methods to fight, we prefer the field or pan map!

There are many examples but I wont blame you with proovements about this. The people will see very clear for sure. About our family and relations you dont need to care about them, we still have our closest friends and relations. Not all is how it seems to be and not all believe the lies you told about us ;)

With respect again 


9 янв. 2019, 20:2509.01.19

You are always so pathetic.

You tried already so many times to dragg me through the mud. Lying, lying and lying again. 

I didn't even knew Gaius before he came and told us about what we all know about you and Cultus. 

You sent a link, I didn't even read as I'm not supposed to get on my nerves on a game due to my health problems. But I have noticed at least one guy who is permanently insutling our hegemon, the kindest guy I ever seen on a game, saying that we betrayed him and his small coa. 

Yes that's the kind of guys who are working for you. Saying that we are the bad guys, the coiners. I wonder who could be so stupid to think that. There are coiners in a lot of coa, but be realistic...

I also noticed that only members of your coalitions were talking. That's the way you do. You talk, talk, talk and in the end, we finally are all as drunk by the flow of bla bla bla you inflict to all people who don't follow your " mighty " will. 

You can still play with your lies, your spies, your agents, your f**** propaganda, that's a part of the game, and you absolutely think everybody is playing like you. That's not the case. Every coalitions, every players who had contacts with us know how different we are. You are always complaining about my way to play even when I was just out of the game in a hospital. You would even be able to make me responsible of the climate change, the " Gilets Jaunes" or the future war against aliens. 

Well, I have nothing more to say.. and some real friends are worrying about me 

10 янв. 2019, 10:0910.01.19

Gemix said:   "... our closest ally, Nordmann...."

Are you kidding us? Closest? You hated them (and they hated you too) for years and suddenly you are close now?

What about long war between your coalitions?

Its all fake with you and sooner or later you will be enemies again.

Germans - how to trust them?

11 янв. 2019, 12:2711.01.19
Lol it seems nobody believe Cultus United anymore.
31 янв. 2019, 04:3831.01.19

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30 июнь 2021, 11:0230.06.21

guys this isnt a rage page, keep it civil please