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Death Knight & Ultimate Death Knight Origins

Death Knight & Ultimate Death Knight Origins

17 авг. 2023, 21:4717.08.23

Death Knight & Ultimate Death Knight Origins

I'm a little late with getting on the band wagon here, but as a bit of an early Birthday Treat for myself (my birthday is on August 20th) here's a very short written blurb for Death Knight that I had started on Twitter for OGDeathKnight, which was promped by the Birthday Post for Ultimate Death Knight today. I might expand this more, but most of the time there isn't much more. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy!😁

Sir Arden Ashenson, once a poor squire that had come from humble beginnings, with dreams of becoming a noble paladin and have his name sung far & wide of his noble deeds of defending the oppressed & saving those that needed his help. But he had met an unfortunate end & died without achieving his dream. But his death was the birth of Death Knight. Which begs the quetion does he recall his old life as Arden Ashenson? Or perhaps, the echoes of the dream of the person he was yet cannot recall the life he lived, what spurs Death Knight to wish for more?

But, some say that while Arden may have died before achieving his dream, his bloodline did not end with him. That he had a son, who had taken up his Father's Dream out of sadness & pain of losing him as a child. But he too had his life cut short, his body having been burnt to nothing but ash. Perhaps this may be why The Arbiter had taken pity on Death Knight & brought Ultimate Death Knight into existence. For sometimes Empathy can be the biggest show of defiance in the face of Cruelty & Darkness.

31 авг. 2023, 12:1431.08.23