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The last Defender

The last Defender

20 май 2023, 13:4920.05.23

The last Defender

This is a story i've crafted for one of my favorite characters in this game: Stout Axeman from the Dwarves Faction. I hope people enjoy it and maybe it would be added as his lore in the game:

To the north of the Catacombs of Narbuk lies the highest mountain in all of teleria, the Burden peak. And beneath that mountain, deep under stone and ash lies the ruins of the ancient dwarven city of Thoromir. It was beautiful once, 50 years ago. The dwarves, in their search for the "Primordial Stone" had dug deep under the mountain and founded the evershining city of marble and gold. Even though they couldn't find the primordial stone, they amassed countless treasuries worth of Gold and precious stones and with it they've created something truly marvelous. The city's beauty rivaled that of the elven city-kingdoms and its defensive capabilites put the walled kingdoms of humans to shame.

But as their wealth grew so did their greed and in their hubris and relentless search for the ancient treasure, they've awakened something that did not belong to this world. Something that was imprisoned deep under the tallest mountain so it may never rise again. For, the sacrifices it took to merely contain it, proved too costly and the ancient Demi-gods who imprisoned it lost so many of their own that they knew if its awakened ever again, there aren't enough Champions who can stop it.

When dwarves realized the gravity of their folly, it was already too late. It has awakened. Nereth'ill is what the Demi-gods called him: "the everlasting darkness". At first thaenar, the king of Thoromir, attempted to seal its prison by any means necessary, and together with Keeyra the unbreakable, they've sealed the tomb first with stone and then with ancient magic.

It took only hours for the stone to melt and the magic to dissipate. And then it creeped into the city. The Darkness swallowed the very fabric of the city itself, gold, marble, stone and iron, naught would remain once it was touched by the darkness. It moved slowly but it consumed everything it touched. Soon the denizens of thoromir found themselves surrounded by the creeping darkness. And one by one they were absorbed into it. The sound of their cries echoed through the belly of the dark beast and every cry could've been heard all throughout the city. Loud and disturbing.

And then it happened. The first of the dark spawn were born, those who were consumed, have now returned as apparitions wreathed in a menacing shadow. And their shrieks paralyzed all who had heard them.

In a desperate attempt to save what remained of his people, king thaenar devised a plan. One final stand for his people. He decided that he would stand before the dark beast and shine the light of a thousand stars upon it, and he gathered what remained of their moonstones and gold and silver and shone the light of the sun through the crack at the very top of the city into them, that before it was used to bring sunlight into the cavernous deeps. Then Keeyra and a few men who were brave enough to stand against the shadow were tasked with guarding the ancient way out of the city and out into the surface world so that the few remaining citizens could flee the city.

The time came and thaenor used his device to attract the dark beast. When the light shone upon it, it was seen for the first time. Nereth'ill, the everlasting Darkness, the God of the void, its terrifying visage drove even the bravest dwarves into madness as they started to tear their own limbs off and blinded and deafened themselves so they may never hear the voice of the God of Fear and never look upon the maddening visage of the God of despair. Thaenar however stood his ground, he stabbed himself in the eyes and cut off his own ears so he may not hear his voice. And with what strength he had left he activated the full force of the device sending a ray of light into the Dark God's belly... A terrifying roar. And then nothing but darkness. The effort had proven futile. And the king fell with his kingdom.

But then, out of darkness came the apparitions once again, hellbent on taking out any dwraves that were fleeing the city. this is where keeyra and her men made their final stand. In but a few moments a swarm of apparitions assailed upon the brave warriors. But they stood their ground, knowing that they are the last line of defense for their people. They fought valiantly but for every 10 apparitions that were decimated by the defenders, a 100 would take their place, coming from the cracks on the ground, crawling down the walls and even spawning out of thin air, soon they overwhelmed the defenders and killed every last one of them.

All except one, the last defender. The one who would repel the horde all by himself for but a few minutes, while behind him, Keeyra decimated the last apparition that assailed her. And as she looks upon the route out of the city, she realizes that everyone had been evacuated and now she must use her magic to seal the route shut. She looks upon the warrior and tells him: "its time to go", as the warrior is pushing away the apparitions with his shield he shouts these words: "tell my Daughter Talara that i avenged her mother", "and what is your name ?" Keeyra asks, "the stout axeman" he yelled with a smile as he was swarmed by a pack of apparitions.

Keeyra then ran to the end of the caves and struck the ground with her mace and the ground shook and the cave's walls came crashing down, destroying the final way out of the city. And then she used her magic to seal the cave shut forever.

Hours later, the survivors camped just a short distance away from the city. Keeyra then, went asking around for a girl called Talara, finding her sitting near a campfire and weeping. She approached the young girl, trying to calm her down and tell her what fate had befallen her father. "You mustn't mourn his passing, for he fought to save our people until his last breath and he avenged your mother's death. He died a hero".

"did he ?" Mumbled a man barely able to stand on his feet and covered in dirt and ghastly remains.

Upon hearing that voice tamara jumped up and ran towards her father, burying herself in his warm embrace. Keeyra looked at him with a visible look of shock that she tried to disguise with her cold, stoic attitude. "Who are you ?" She asked the stout axeman. "Name's Tharran M'lady, and i'm just a father who's not yet done looking at his daughter's jolly face".

Months later, Tharran, began his eternal vigil alongside Lady Keeyra, now known as Keeyra the watcher, over the God of Darkness' domain. And so the Order of "Dark watch" had been formed to seal away the Darkness that their people have awakened.

Now 50 years later the Order had grown into a small Fort-city, formed from the survivors of thoromir and their goal is not only to stand vigil over the darkness beneath the stone but also to reclaim a piece of their glorious past while moving forward to new horizens.