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The Rise of Queen Deliana

The Rise of Queen Deliana

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The Rise of Queen Deliana

There are many City-kingdoms inside the Eternal Empire of Aravia. Following their High Queen's Design, the Empire had been ever growing in the past Decades and soon became the crown jewel of teleria.

One such city-kingdom is To the west of Aravia, bordering felwin's gate and the durham forest; the City of Thalamar, had Always been the iron fist of the Taron'ar (High Elven) empire. For centuries they've defended the empire and its citizens from the creatures of darkness and the horrors that lie on the other side of the felwin gate.

But recently the kingdom of Thalamar had fallen into turmoil following the passing of their late king Arathor the wise, and his Daughter, Queen Deliana Ascending to the throne. Whom many nobles have doubted and challenged her rule for their doubts of her commitment to the ancient traditions of their kingdom and her father's way of peace and order.

Since youth Deliana had an innate Aptitude for Arcane magic, often impressing her tutors with her dominance over the arcane arts, controlling arcane lightning with ease, and being able to create powerful lightning storms that rivaled that of the Elite Electromancers of the Imperial Academy of Aravia. After seeing her arcane power, king Arathor appointed her as the General of the kingdom's western front army. And soon after her decisive but often brutal victories over the dark elves and ogryn tribes, her father had finally announced her heirdom to the kingdom.

Following her ascendency to the throne of Thalamor, her ambitions only Grew and after a short civil conflict she managed to defeat all the nobles who defied her and subsequently execute them and banish their families to the faraway lands. After she solidified her control over her kingdom, she set her eyes towards north and east, raiding and eventually battling the city-kingdoms of Eronar and Merethyl.

As her kingdom grew so did the news of her exploits and soon the kings and nobles of the Empire went to the High Queen of Aravia, Queen Eva herself and asked for her protection against the evergrowing threat of Deliana's invasion. But no matter how strong the kingdom of thalamor had become under Queen Deliana's Rule, her army was no match for the Aravian Golden Army. And should High Queen Eva, Empress of the Empire of Aravia, decide to unleash the golden army on the kingdom of thalamor, they stand no chance of winning that conflict.

But the High Queen's Reluctance to answer Deliana's aggression soon became a point of concern for the kings and nobles of Aravia. And so they sent a delegation to the High Queen to plead to her for an answer to the thalamor's Aggression and the an end to Deliana's rule. But when the delegation reached the capital and entered the High Queen's castle what they saw was that the Queen herself had transformed into a demonic being that looks nothing like an elf and she and her court had succumbed to the Demonic powers  of the Abyss and had betrayed their own people.

Frightened and desperate, they came to Queen Deliana and asked her to save the kingdom from their Demonic Queen. This situation could not have happened in a more opportunate time, as Deliana jumped on the opportunity to denounce the High Queen and name herself as the last chance of Aravia's survival against a demonic invasion. And demanded that all kings and Queens swear fealty to her so she may save them from the terrible fate that may befall them should they be consumed by the abyss.

Now, with most of Aravia in her control, Queen Deliana prepares her armies for one final battle to seize control of the entirety of the empire, the siege of the capital city.