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Ramantu Drakesblood

Ramantu Drakesblood

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Ramantu Drakesblood


The Prince of Drakes, He of Fang and Flame, Warden of the Ancestral Lance - those are but a few names that once belonged to Ramanthu Drakesblood. Long before the first ivory spire of Aravia had been raised, his kin ruled in the Golden Age of the Lizardmen. Descended from the mighty dragons of old, these warriors were renowned for their fierce temper and skill in battle; their subjects revered them as demigods whose right to lead had been ordained by the Progenitor of the entire race - the Great Dragon himself.

During the reign of Ramantu’s father, the Lizardmen enjoyed a period of prosperity that was barely disturbed by the conflicts between rival tribes that made up their empire. The Prince himself led his hosts to quell such skirmishes many times and earned a reputation of a violent but fair commander. Alas, the power he had tasted during these expeditions led Ramantu down a dangerous path.

The longer his father reigned, the more impatient Ramantu became. He craved the throne and envisioned himself as a ruler of legend, one who would lead the Dragonkin to conquest and glory unlike anything they had seen before. Such was his arrogance that Ramantu eventually rebelled against his own family. He was charismatic and well-loved, and though his father was no less popular among the people, a large army soon flocked to Ramantu’s banner. The peace that had lasted for decades was shattered in an instant.

For years Ramantu and his rebels clashed against loyalist forces without either side gaining a decisive advantage, many victories had been won, and many a bitter defeat set them back. Split in twain by war, the Lizardmen realm began to crumble, its gates all but open to reavers and barbarians. But there was a far deadlier foe lurking in beyond the veil of Teleria.

Siroth the Dark One watched with glee as the most powerful mortal domain of its time sundered because of ambition and infighting. Like a spider, he waited for his prey to weaken and exhaust itself in a useless struggle. Then he struck. Ogryns, monsters, orcs, and savage humans united into a great horde ‘neath the banners of Siroth’s necromancers and surged forth, bent on bringing destruction and death. With the Lizardmen hosts diminished by civil war, no one could stop the invaders.

When Ramantu received the news of atrocities taking place on the southern borders, he at first thought it was a trick his father played to sue for a truce. Yet a mysterious ally appeared with proof of what had transpired, and fury gripped his heart; with messengers hurrying ahead and proclaiming peace, the entire army took off and made for the Great Dragon Temple, where the Ramantu and his father reunited once more. They had both sworn to forget old grievances until the common enemy could be vanquished.

And so the fractured Lizardmen united once more and marched in force to meet the slaves of Shadow. Ramantu’s unexpected ally - a warmblood woman whose sorcerous powers humbled even the most learned Dragon Priests - pledged her magic to battle as well. But it was not just sorcery she offered. This flame-haired woman guided the Lizardmen through carefully laid traps and helped them outmaneuver Siroth’s hosts time and again.

Terrible was the vengeance Ramantu wrought against the trespassers. None could stand before his wrath - even the hellish spawn of demons fell in droves beneath the Prince’s lance, and his companion, who had revealed herself to be the Arbiter, ever guided him to lay low the strongest minions of the Dark One. Within several months, the horde had been broken and scattered, and peace returned to the lands of Teleria at long last.

Then Ramantu beheld the desolation his pride had caused and despaired. Ashamed, he renounced his claim to rulership in favor of his younger kin and sworn his life to the woman who had helped him save his people. An eternity of war against Evil in its purest form seemed to be an appropriate path to redemption. However, Ramantu did not yet realize he was among the first warriors to become Champions of Lumaya - an honor he cherished and repaid with faithful service.