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Master Butcher

Master Butcher

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Master Butcher


Where some hunters enjoy the thrill that their craft brings, for some it is not enough. The Master Butcher is exceptionally old and has long transcended the dullness of tracking and slaughtering beasts. In truth, his favoured prey are the outcasts that dwell in the caverns. And he displays the grisly trophies gathered from those hunts with unsettling pride. 

Obnoxious and bossy, the Master Butcher is nonetheless no fool. His orders may be made up of insults and petty demands, but they are usually sound. On the bright side, the less-than-subtle manner of the old man often brings him to the foe’s attention and leaves the rest of his party to fight unhindered.  

And though few would accuse this Dwarf of secretly possessing a heart of gold, some strange sorcery transforms his lifeblood into soothing waves of healing magic. Some say that this is his punishment, bestowed by a priestess of Lumaya that he had wronged. But as the Butcher goes into bouts of raving rage when asked about it, no one had been able to find out the truth of the matter thus far.