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RAID Digest (23.02.24)

RAID Digest (23.02.24)

Hello, Raiders! 

It feels like it’s just been Christmas, and suddenly, we found ourselves on the last Friday of February. Indeed, time does fly by! Let’s not waste any more of it, and without further ado, we’re inviting you to take a closer look at our new RAID digest. 

Changes in the Timing of the Free Gear Removal Event

Many of you have asked us to move the Free Gear Removal Event further from the start of the Cursed City rotation. We took your request into account, and from now on, we’re planning to launch such Events in the middle or second half of the Cursed City rotation. Please note, that the current rotation of the Cursed City will feature two Free Gear Removal Events, however, this will be more of an exception than a rule.

We hope it will give you more room to wiggle with your teams, and you’ll be able to dazzle Amius with your spontaneous wardrobe changes. 

Rathalos Chase is Almost Over

Your time to get this Monster Hunter-themed Champion is running out! The Rathalos Chase ends on March 5, and if you haven't done it yet, you’ll need to log into the game for 7 days to get him. It means that the latest you can start is February 27, so don’t miss your chance!

RAID is leaving FB Cloud

Starting from March 1, you can no longer play RAID via the Facebook Cloud Gaming platform. We’re also disabling all transactions through this platform on February 29. This being said, please ensure you save your progress in the game by linking your account to Plarium ID. You can follow this link to see the detailed guide

We would also like to note that these changes won’t affect your Facebook login. 

Faultless Defense Now is More Useful Against Fire Knight

Some of you have noticed that since the Update 8.20 and the rebalance of most of our Blessings, some of them became much more useful in particular areas of the game. Namely, Faultless Defense can now be a big help if you plan to fight against Fire Knight. All you need to do is find a Champion who can place an [Increase DEF] buff on all of their allies, and now, with every attack, Fire Knight will lose as many stacks of Shield as there are allies under the [Increase DEF]  buff, placed by the Champion with this blessing. Pretty useful, huh? 

Plarium Play Calendar

We would also like to remind you about one of our Plarium Play features - Events calendar. It shows you all the ongoing and upcoming Events and Tournaments so you can easily plan your game progress and distribute resources accordingly. You can find the Calendar if you open Plarium Play, click on the following tabs: My Library -> RAID -> Events. 

Upcoming Fix of Clan Quests Bug

We know some of you recently had issues with taking or completing Clan quests. We have already investigated this bug, and we’re planning to fix it in the next big update - 8.30.

Clans vs. Clan Tournament and Personal Rewards

The next CvC will feature Personal rewards, so prepare your best warriors and work out some tactics to defeat your opponent in a fair fight!

That’s all we have for today. Have a great weekend ahead!

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