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RAID Digest (09.02.24)

RAID Digest (09.02.24)

Welcome to our new RAID Digest! Today, let's take stock of what update 8.20 has just brought to the table first and then unveil some of the events yet to come.

Without further ado, let's get started!

New Features in the Update 8.20

Champions with Faction Unity skills are the new type of Champions for the game, with Acelin the Stalwart being the first but by no means the only one, as we plan to gradually add such leaders for every Faction.

Starting from version 8.20, you may exchange Champion Fragments from previous Fragment events for Exchange points, but please be careful not to accidentally sacrifice all the Fragments of a Champion if you have more than 100 of their Fragments and plan to keep this Champion first. You can only exchange all Fragments of a Champion at once and not fractions of them.

Champions from new Fragment events will become available for exchange sometime after the event itself is finished.

Goodbye, Super Raids! Welcome back, Super Raids, forever! Super Raids had to be disabled from 6th to 8th February for technical reasons, but after the update 8.20, they became the permanent feature for many Dungeons, Faction Wars, and Doom Tower, so there are no more corresponding labels on the selection screen for battle locations. Just choose a location, mark the Super Raids check box, and you are all set.

Upcoming in-game Events

Our Monster Hunter collaboration continues, and we're planning several events that will boost your chances of summoning our Champions inspired by the Monster Hunter franchise, like x10 and x15-25 Progressive Chance events. Stay tuned for news in the game.

The Hero's Path associated with the Wight Queen Ankora's Fragment Event won't feature Champions inspired by the Monster Hunter franchise. To get points for this event, you will need to train your Champions and get Artifacts or Accessories.

Our Monster Hunter collaboration campaign ends on the 5th of March, but Souls for these Champions will remain in the Soulstone pool after that point. Rathalos gear set will change its visual appearance and name after the collaboration ends but otherwise will remain in the game as is. Also, we would like to remind you that all players who will have managed to collect all 5 Monster Hunter-themed Champions (not just their Fragments) by March 5th 09:00 UTC will get an additional gift.

Clan vs. Clan Tournament and Personal Rewards

The next installment of the CvC Tournament will not involve Personal rewards.

That's all for today's Digest. Stay safe and stay healthy! Take care!

9 фев. 2024, 15:2909.02.24
14 фев. 2024, 07:4814.02.24

I'm having trouble with the prime gaming drop is anyone else? 

15 фев. 2024, 07:4015.02.24

would let me grab the last prime drop and wont let me grab this one either

15 фев. 2024, 11:5115.02.24
Clifford Gooch

I'm having trouble with the prime gaming drop is anyone else? 

Hi, Clifford! Can I ask you to describe the issue you are experiencing? Do you see an error message when trying to enter the promo code?  Which platform (iOS or Android) do you use? 

I encourage you to explore the Prime Gaming FAQ section via the following link. You may find some helpful advice there that could assist with resolving your problem. 


15 фев. 2024, 11:5515.02.24
Tyler Banks

would let me grab the last prime drop and wont let me grab this one either

Hi, Tyler!  Please make sure you follow all the steps and links leading to the Prime Gaming site from the game. When signed in to your Prime Gaming account, you need to click on the Get Code button, to receive the code. Follow this link for more info. 

Good luck!