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Update Highlights 8.20

Update Highlights 8.20

Greetings from Plarium!

In Update Highlights 8.20, we’ll tell you about the upcoming features that include mighty Legendary Champions who become stronger when surrounded by other Champions from their Factions, the addition of permanent Super Raids, a way to make use of your unspent Champion Fragments, and more.

Faction Unity Skills

From Update 8.20 and onwards, we’ll begin releasing powerful Legendary Champions who wield a new type of Skills - Faction Unity Skills. These renowned commanders become more powerful depending on the number of Champions of the same Faction that they team up with. Faction Unity Skills can be either Active or Passive, but all of them will have 3 Levels that unlock progressively for every appropriate Champion added to the Team. For example, a Sacred Order Faction Unity Skill will get its Level 1 upgrade for 1 Sacred Order Champion accompanying the wielder, 2 Sacred Order Champions are needed to unlock Level 2, and 3 Sacred Order Champions (not counting the Champion who has the Skill) to max the Faction Unity Skill out.

It should be noted that Passive Faction Unity Skills affect all Champions on your team, not just those belonging to the wielder’s Faction, so you have some leeway between unlocking the highest Faction Unity Levels and building more unorthodox synergies. But like all other Passive Skills, they can be blocked or lose their effects if the wielder falls.

Furthermore, these Champions will have enhanced Aura Skills that can boost more than one Stat.

Champions with Faction Unity Skills will not be available in the Summoning Pool under normal circumstances. Instead, they will feature in various in-game activities, and new Champions will be added to the roster every month. At least until each Faction has one!

Permanent Super Raids

With several major features coming to the game in 2023, we wanted to help our players decrease the time they spend on more mundane activities like Gear farming. And as of Update 8.20, Super Raids will become a permanent feature available for the following Game Modes and Dungeons:

  • Doom Tower
  • Faction Wars
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Ice Golem’s Peak
  • Fire Knight’s Castle
  • Spider’s Den
  • Sand Devil’s Necropolis
  • Phantom Shogun’s Grove

All you have to do is check the Super Raid box on the Battle Select Screen, and you’ll be getting double rewards after spending double Keys/Energy for a single run.

Disclaimer: All limited-time Super Raids will be disabled starting Feb 6, 15:45 UTC. It is a temporary measure we’re taking to make some technical tweaks to the server, so don’t be alarmed. Permanent Super Raids will become available with the start of a new Event and Tournament series featuring Wight Queen Ankora - a powerful Legendary Champion from the Knights Revenant Faction.

Fragment Exchange Chest

Another significant QoL improvement we want to introduce in the coming Update is the Fragment Exchange Chest. It will allow you to spend Champion Fragments belonging to certain Champions (marked with a broken Fragment icon) and get various rewards in exchange.

First, you’ll need to swap eligible Champion Fragments for Exchange Points at the following rate:

  • 1 Legendary Champion Fragment = 1 Exchange Point
  • 5 Epic Champion Fragments = 1 Exchange Point

5 Exchange Points will net you 1 Fragment Exchange Chest (you can open up to 10 per week), which contains sundry goods: you can see the entire rewards pool by tapping on the Chest info button. Most importantly, they will contain Champion Fragments for Highmother Maud - a powerful Legendary Support Champion that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Note: We won’t be running Events or Tournaments that reward Fragments for Champions from past Fusions (the ones marked for Fragment Exchange).

Altar of Souls Improvements

After gathering game data and feedback from the Community, we have determined that certain aspects of the Awakening feature require improvements. Namely, we wanted to make sure players are able to receive more Souls for Legendary Champions as well as Souls of a high Rank in general. Update 8.20 will bring the following changes to fulfill that:

  • Chances to summon Rank 6 Souls and Souls for Legendary Champions will be increased permanently and for all Soulstone types
  • The Wishlist multiplier will be significantly increased from x2 to x8

As always, we appreciate all the feedback you guys provided on the feature! 

Rebalance: Blessings

We will rebalance almost all Blessings to make sure that all of them now give bonuses to HP, ATK, DEF, C. DMG, RES, ACC, and SPD, depending on your Champion’s Awakening Level. When 8.20 goes live, all players will be able to reset each Champion’s Blessings for free once. 

You can see the infographic with the changes below:









Rebalance: Champions




6 фев. 2024, 12:3506.02.24
6 фев. 2024, 14:1606.02.24

I am really happy with this update 

6 фев. 2024, 18:1206.02.24

Hands down the best update in a very long time.


Thank you.

7 фев. 2024, 01:1307.02.24
7 фев. 2024, 01:36(отредактировано)

What happened to super raids of Faction Wars and Doom Tower?

7 фев. 2024, 03:2607.02.24

I'm not sure who these paid actors are above me but hopefully this isn't fooling the dev team. Poly change isn't remotely good enough. Still no balancing for the existing issues accross all types of Arena. 

Based on the non comment apparently there will be no adressing the complete scam that is the Fatalis DoF event after stating he would only be avail from shards? Also no addressing the existing state of events which appears to be designed purely to limit test players wallets, not improve the game? 

7 фев. 2024, 08:5207.02.24

- Why the Minotaur is always forgotten? He has only 15 Stages. Even Potion keeps have 20.  And why does he not get super raids? It is alway a big and tedious grind to get all the scrolls.

- I hope the new Faction Unity Champ -Acelin the Stalwart- is not hiden behind a big one time pay wall event. I hope he will be accessible to all players. 

-The changes on the blessings will definetly be a big impact on the game. I'm interessted is Polymorph will be more present in the arena since all blessings now give the same stat boosts. 

- I hope the droprate of the fragments for Maud will be resonable. 17 possible different rewards per chest is a probability knightmare.

- I like the boost in the Wishlist!!! 

7 фев. 2024, 19:0707.02.24

I like how they are increasing soul drops rates.  But other than that, it just showing plarium and they handle the long awaited balance patch. I mean good Job they "balanced and changed" some blessings.   

How many champs did they balance for this update??  And the answer isn't 2.

The answer is "less than the amount of new champions being added during the same time"

Less than reworked blessings.

Not that the amount matters.   If the 2 were good or big changes I wouldn't even be negative. 

Anyways I personally  not too excited for this patch. Improved soul rates also has me wondering why they would out of nowhere do the opposite of their usual.  All I wanted was some old power crept champs to get rebalanced.  Instead we get new champs. And new fomo ways to earn them outside of shards.  

8 фев. 2024, 22:2808.02.24

So far so good, but we need old champs rebalanced!

9 фев. 2024, 11:3809.02.24

So what use are Iron Will and Heavencast against bosses in the dungeons now?  As for doomtower and hydra, why not just scrap them altogether.  2 of the best blessings for epics trashed ( and a few select leggos).  As an ex mechanic we used to say, 'if it aint broken it don't need fixing'.  It would have been better to have added blessings to each category.  This game is all about tailoring champs to tasks required.  If you feel something is missing, add it, dont change things that already work.  You are just pandering to the p2p who already have a distinct advantage over everyone else. Remember, the f2p today are the p2p tomorrow.  We are your game ambassadors, treat us like it please.

23 фев. 2024, 17:0523.02.24

Nice work team. But question, why not revamp say 1 existing Faction Champion with the commander type abilities instead of only new champs we have to work so hard to get? Why don't you have a limited time event say 24 hours or less where we can get Leggos & Epics at a % chance from Mystery Shards? Why does everything have to be so hard and sometimes impossible for players to obtain?