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RAID Digest (26.01.24)

RAID Digest (26.01.24)

Hello, Raiders! We’re slowly sliding into the weekend with a quick pit stop for coffee, tea, and the latest issue of the RAID Digest. Let’s dive into it! 

The Monster Hunter Campaign Keeps Rolling!

Zinogre Blademaster's Fragment Fusion came to an end. We congratulate those who managed to enhance their collection with this legendary warrior from the Shadowkin squad. Also, let us remind you, that there is a chance to summon Zinogre from Shards during the course of the collaboration! She will be available from Shards until March 5th, 2024. 

For those who collected all the Fragments, but have not fused Zinogre from fragments yet, we'd like to give a short clarification: you'll be able to fuse Zinogre from fragments at any point, even after the end of the campaign. 

With the addition of the new Rathalos Set, we started receiving questions about its availability. Unlike Monster Hunter Champions, the Rathalos Set is not limited to the duration of the MH campaign and might appear in the game again even after the collaboration is over. 

Aaaand, it was not without those nasty bugs. A minor bug crawled to the Forge: the number of items from the Rathalos Set is displaying incorrectly: 0 instead of 1-9. We are going to fix it in the next major release. 

Permanent Super Raids and CvC Points

As we mentioned in our previous RAID Digest, Super Raids will become permanently available in the number of Dungeons, but that’s not all. After we enable this feature, points given for fulfilling the Dungeon Objectives in the CvC Tournament will count double. One run:  double rewards - double CvC points. 

However, before the release itself, we have to disable Double Runs at all locations for technical reasons, for a few days only. We will inform you of the exact dates later, via in-game news. Presumably, this will happen in the period starting February 6th to  February 8th. We apologize for the potential inconvenience this may cause. 

Live Arena: Decreased Battle Duration

With the next major release, we’ll decrease the max. duration of the battle in the Live Arena from 30 to 20 minutes.

Now let's move to the final part of the Digest - CvC Tournament. 

The next CvC Tournament will feature Personal Rewards - sharpen your swords and prepare for battle everyone!

That's it for today's Digest. Have a great weekend!

26 янв. 2024, 15:3026.01.24
28 янв. 2024, 19:0128.01.24

still waiting on

Whats NEXT in Raid  video :/

OracleCommunity Manager
31 янв. 2024, 15:5631.01.24

still waiting on

Whats NEXT in Raid  video :/

Hey! This content is being prepared. Please stay tuned 🙂

31 янв. 2024, 16:4131.01.24

Hey! This content is being prepared. Please stay tuned 🙂

Thankyou for this heads up  :) appreciated :)

6 фев. 2024, 00:4006.02.24

When they decrease the duration of battles in Live Arena, are they going to  (or please consider to) shorten the time allowed for players to pick their Champions, and time allowed per turn? I mean most characters have 2 maybe 3 skills avail. per turn, once battles commence, it shouldnt take anyone sooo long to choose dragging battles out  immensely !!

*I actually think most players who do this, are just doing it in an effort to get others to quit the battle!