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RAID Digest (12.01.24)

RAID Digest (12.01.24)

Hey, Raiders! The year 2024 started lively for RAID: the game appeared on Steam, experienced the arrival of Monster Hunter-themed Champions and a new type of items for rerolling the Ascension bonus for Artifacts and Accessories. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at what just happened and what to expect next.

Monster Hunter Champions

RAID has just seen an addition of 5 new Champions based on Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise. Rathalos Blademaster is available via the 7-day login event Rathalos Chase, though you need to start the 7-day login streak no later than February 27th. The other 4 Champions are available from Shards till March 5th, including, but not limited to, special events, like 10x or x15-x25 summon chance events, that further increase the probability of getting those Champions.

Players who will have managed to collect all 5 Monster Hunter-themed Champions by March 5th 09:00 UTC will get an additional gift:

  • Legendary Skill Tome x2
  • Rank 5 Chicken x2
  • 50 Multi-Battle attempts x4
  • Energy x1,000
  • Silver x1,000,000

We will start sending the gifts on March 6th.

Bugs and Fixes

One of the changes brought by the update 8.10, but not mentioned in the list of this version's fixes, was the fix of the Champion Ugir the Wyrmeater. Starting from this version, Ugir's passive ability, "Scourge of Dragons [P]," reacts on any enemy attempt of revival, including their active and passive skills, as well as the [Revive on Death] buff.

Currently, the new Champion Zinogre Blademaster’s passive ability “Zinogre Essence [P]” doesn’t function according to its description in that sometimes it doesn’t heal the Champion after having prevented her death. We plan to amend the skill by January 23rd so that it works as it’s described.

Upcoming Changes

In the next major update, we will rebalance Angar and Fortus, though we plan to rebalance more Champions in the future. Also, starting from this update, Super Raids will become permanently available in the following locations:

  • Dragon's Lair;
  • Ice Golem's Peak;
  • Spider's Den;
  • Fire Knight's Castle;
  • Sand Devil's Necropolis;
  • Phantom Shogun's Grove.

RAID: Shadow Legends and Facebook Cloud

Previously, we informed you about the game closure on Facebook Cloud at the start of 2024. However, the game will keep functioning there until mid-March 2024. In any event, this change doesn't affect the possibility of logging into the game via your Facebook account.

If you keep using the Facebook Cloud platform, please visit the step-by-step guide that explains how to transfer your game progress to Plarium Play: https://plarium.com/forum/en/raid-shadow-legends/843_news/42536_raid-leaves-facebook-cloud-games/

Clans vs. Clan Tournament and Personal Rewards

The next installment of the CvC Tournament will not feature Personal rewards.

That's it for today's RAID Digest. Have a great weekend, and take care!

12 янв. 2024, 15:5712.01.24
12 янв. 2024, 16:1012.01.24

A heads up on when we  might expect THE WHATS NEXT in Raid video would  of  been a nice treat ;)

Probably one  of the most anticipated videos to come  in the near future

Peaceout and  Love this game :D

13 янв. 2024, 01:2613.01.24

please don't forget to rebalance the most beautiful CHAMPION '' War Mother''