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Cant login anymore after activating 2 factor authentication

Cant login anymore after activating 2 factor authentication

4 дек. 2022, 00:0604.12.22

Cant login anymore after activating 2 factor authentication

After getting a bombardement of messages I should activate 2 factor authentication, I did so.

Gave my mail account, recieved the e-mail with the code, got the backup codes, everything fine.

Than I wanted to login again at Plarium Play on PC and recieved the following message:


This translates to "you reached the maximum number of messages you can sent. Please try again later", wich is very odd for a failed log-in into my account. I recieve the same message if I try to log into the forum with my main account. The actual account is only a backup for this forum to post in cases like this...

There is not even a field where I could enter the backup codes they sent me to my mail account. What kind of 2 factor authentication is that? The only effect it is, that my account is not accessable anymore at all.

To contact the support directly (not via forum) I would have to give my in-game ID. Great that a identification number shown in game is necessary to contact the support if you can't log into the game anymore. Logic at it's best.

4 дек. 2022, 01:1004.12.22

Problem solved. I didn't expect that the "try again later" was more than a standard company phrase to a customer, but indeed worked.

But the way your 2 factor authentication is implemented to the game is still odd. I deactivated it again.