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is there a referral code lock on the account?

is there a referral code lock on the account?

28 сент. 2022, 17:5228.09.22

is there a referral code lock on the account?

What worked : 

Recreating an account to use the referral of a friend. I played first in mobile, linked to plarium id, installed the game and played on both pc and mobile. I had to recreate an account with the trick of switching the email to delete account and recreate the account with the old email, use the referral code with the game uninstalled => it worked for my friend.

With the referral rework and since apparently it's okay to create mutiple account, i used what youtubers recommanded to create multiple account with the main account referral, and that's why i'm posting here.

I created three new account, use the code, only work on one of them.

What didn't work :

So i passed a good 5h trying my best to understand what could be the problem. I made sure no game was installed, didnt work. Tryed to use referral code with plarium pc, logged in new account, use referral link, didn't work.

Same thing but deleting plarium repertory in appData, deleted registry keep associated with plarium, didn't work.

Completly removed plarium (at this point cleaning appData and registry each time), use referral link, it logs me with the main account => HOW ? is there hidden files ? Does it use IP to relog me?

I even tried to remove plarium, only use the mobile emulator, didn't work either.

My questions are : 

- How does the game decided that you are a new account and activate referral. 

- Why is this in place since you are apparently allowed to use multiple account.

- Does certain actions can flag your account or something similar that prevents you from the whole referral program?

So yeah, how difficult is it to have a referral program and make it so hard / random for it to work.

Not trying to be mean but i'm really curious as a developper myself what are the mecanics and the though behind it, even just the fact that if the game is installed you can't activate a referral.

6 окт. 2022, 13:5106.10.22

I have tried to invite friends to this account, I got one to work but the other 2 did not work, very frustrated 

Can my friends still link accounts after they have completed the trails?