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3.5 Dungeon Challenges, not completing

3.5 Dungeon Challenges, not completing

19 нояб. 2023, 21:3319.11.23

3.5 Dungeon Challenges, not completing

  • Title: 3.5 Dungeon Challenge, Not Completing
  • Device: iPhone 14 Pro 
  • OS: iOS 16.2
  • Steps & Description: Registers that I completed the challenge once which I managed to do with a champion that had a block debuffs or any type of cleanse (Valerie, might have caused this if it interprets her A2 that way). I added a Spiritealker to the team to guarantee this success and have now done it multiple times without the challenge updating. Can confirm that I'm doing it on stage 7 and I can confirm that I'm defeating that stage. Can also confirm that spiritwalker survives the round and also cleanses block buffs and poisons on her in the run.

Just want to progress with the challenges and the void is about to close.

20 нояб. 2023, 06:4320.11.23

Was this being attempted on Stage 7?

I don't believe Valerie would work, but Spiritwalker cleansing -should-. 

20 нояб. 2023, 10:1420.11.23

Yes, I checked multiple times to make sure I was hitting the criteria.

Yeah, I didn't think so but before putting spiritwalker on the team I didn't have a single champion in the team that could  block debuffs or cleanse them. In that time however it had a point added to it. So currently it I'm 1/2 but I think it has been glitched in a way that it doesn't register me achieving it correctly.

17 дек. 2023, 09:5717.12.23

I'm having this same issue. I have two people who can remove debuffs but no matter it won't move past 1/2. I've used Shieldguard's ascended passive to remove debuffs and Chaplains cleanse as well. I can not get credit for the second debuff removal.