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What is a bug?  

A bug is an error in the system that can cause the game to malfunction. Bugs appear on both the server and the client (the game app on your device).

Bugs on the client side usually affect the game interface. In these instances, the game server works as intended, but the results are not displayed properly on your device. Server bugs will directly affect game performance.

What's the sense of creating bug reports?

Simple - because it will help us fix the issue faster. Some bugs are hard to identify. The faster we can provide our developers with a high-quality bug report, the faster they will reproduce the bug and start working on a fix.

What should I do when I face an issue in the game?

  1. Make sure everything is okay with your Internet connection. Try reconnecting to the spot you are using. Often Mobile Internet connection is unstable and we recommend using a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.  
  2. Try clearing cache memory of the game app. Outdated data can be stored in the cache and the synchronization between the game server and your device will be unsuccessful. Follow these instructions to clear cache memory:  


Try restarting your game by removing it from your task tray, then relaunching it: 

- Double-click the Home button. 

- Swipe up on the Game Application to close it.  

- Launch the game again. 


- Go to your device's Settings menu 

- Choose "Application manager" 

- Select "Game Application" 

- Use the option "Clear cache".

If the issue persists, reboot your device.

If troubleshoots were not helpful, provide us with the detail of the issue and we will do our best to assist you properly. Please use this instruction to report the issue.

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