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Guide: Multi-Battle

Guide: Multi-Battle

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
11 авг. 2021, 10:4111.08.21

Guide: Multi-Battle



Multi-Battle mode lets you run the same Stage or Floor multiple times in a row automatically - without any unnecessary interaction from you.

Multi-Battle can be used in the Doom Tower, in Dungeons, or in the Campaign.

This lets you hunt for a specific item drop, or farm XP for your Champions by running the level multiple times over as quickly and as easily as possible.

Multi-Battle still costs the same amount of Energy or same number of Keys for every Battle, but the number of Battles you can run in Multi-Battle mode is limited:

  • In Dungeons and the Campaign, you 30 free Multi-Battle attempts per day - but you can increase this number by getting a Raid Card.
  • In the Doom Tower, you are limited by the number of Silver Keys you have. Only Boss Floors - which take Silver Keys - can be farmed using Multi-Battle.

Multi-Battle Mechanics

To be able to run a specific Stage in Multi-Battle mode, you first need to beat that Stage either manually or on Auto.

Once you start Multi-Battle mode, the Battle itself will be played on Auto. You won’t be able to interact with the Battle at all while Multi-Battle mode is on.


But don’t worry - Chat still works, so you can still talk to your Clan members or other players while the Battles take place.


After each Battle, you’ll see the result window, displaying your Rewards and the amount of XP earned by the Champions in that Battle.

A 5-second countdown will start, after which the next Battle will begin. Battles will automatically happen one-by-one until either your Multi-Battle run ends by itself or you stop it manually.

To stop a Multi-Battle run manually, either pause an ongoing Battle and hit “Leave Battle”, or tap “Turn off Multi-Battle” in the results window between Battles.

Setting Up Multi-Battle

Setting up your Multi-Battle is easy, but there are a lot of options to choose from to customize your run to be exactly how you want it. 

Campaign and Dungeons

If you want your Multi-Battle run to end as soon as you’ve levelled up a Champion, or to keep going even if you run out of Energy, that’s up to you - just select those options in the Settings before you start.


Before you hit start, you can select (or deselect) the following options:

  • “Continue Multi-Battle even when all Champions hit Max Level” (Campaign Battles only)
  • “Continue Multi-Battle even if you lose a Battle”
  • “Use Gems to automatically restore Energy”
  • “Automatically sell Artifacts and Accessories of the chosen Ranks”.

You can also set the limit for the number of Battles you want to run.

Doom Tower

Multi-Battles in the Doom Tower are just there to help you farm Forge Materials. Because there aren't many options, setup is simplified and you only need to choose whether you want to continue if you happen to lose a Battle.

Multi-Battle Attempts

Everyone gets 30 free Multi-Battle attempts per day to use as they please. These attempts refresh every day at 00:00 UTC. If you can’t wait until then, you can always get a Raid Card to get up to 70 more attempts in the Campaign and Dungeons instantly - then up to 100 attempts every day while the Card is active.


The number of Battles you can run in the Doom Tower depends solely on the number of Silver Keys you have available. Raid Cards do not include any extra Silver Keys or Doom Tower battle attempts.

Champion Queue

Most Multi-Battle runs will be aimed at farming XP to quickly level up your Champions.  To make this process as easy as possible, don’t forget to use the Champion Queue.


Select a Champion to be your farmer in the main team selection window, then leave one or more empty Slots to be able to add a Champion Queue.

Note: If you don’t have a strong enough Champion to be a solo farmer, you can also use multiple Champions for the same purpose - it would just be less efficient.


Champions selected in your Queue will automatically fill any empty Slots for each Battle. Then, once a Champion in your Queue hits Max Level for their Rank, the next Champion in the Queue will take their place in the next Battle.


You can queue up to 20 Champions at a time, but Champions that are already at the Max Level for their Rank can’t be selected.

Finishing a Multi-Battle Run

Once a Multi-Battle run finishes, you’ll see popup showing the aggregate results from all the Battles in that run.

That popup will show:

  • Which Champions took part in Battles
  • How much XP each Champion earned, as well as the total XP earned in the Multi-Battle run
  • The number of Battles completed
  • The amount of Silver earned
  • The amount of Energy used
  • The number of Gems used
  • The number of Doom Tower Keys used
  • Battle Rewards. Note: Rewards from all completed Battles will be collected automatically

A Multi-Battle will finish under any of the following conditions:

  • You stop Multi-Battle manually either by leaving an ongoing battle or by tapping “Turn off Multi-Battle” on the results screen.
  • You run out of Multi-Battle attempts.
  • You lose a Battle and didn’t select “Continue Multi-Battle even if you lose a Battle”.
  • You run out of Energy and didn’t select “Use Gems to automatically restore Energy”.
  • All Champions in your team and Champion Queue hit Max Level and you didn’t select "Continue Multi-Battle even when all Champions hit Max Level" (Campaign Battles only).
  • A connection error or similar error occurs. 
9 фев. 2023, 04:0809.02.23

is there a way to make Multi Battles More available and a bit easier to obtain?, Can't always find Good promo codes.

22 фев. 2023, 20:5722.02.23

is there a way to make Multi Battles More available and a bit easier to obtain?, Can't always find Good promo codes.

I believe these are the active ones:

Promo Code: MIDGAME23WIN - some energy, silver and multi battles
Promo Code: BESTHERO - some energy, multi battles, silver and an XP boost
Promo Code: CARIBBERAID - feb 9 -> march 10th - some multis, energy, silver and a xp boost

Caribberaid will work, but I am not certain as to the other two.