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Guide: Champion Vault

Guide: Champion Vault

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
11 авг. 2021, 10:3411.08.21

Guide: Champion Vault

Champion Vault

The Champion Vault allows you to store Champions that you don’t plan on leveling up or upgrading just yet, but don’t want to sacrifice either.


You can access the Champion Vault from the moment you start the game. To use it, go to the Champions tab and tap the Champion Vault button that appears below the Champion Collection.


Select the Champions you want to move to the Vault by tapping on their portraits. Make sure that you don’t select more Champions than the number of available Champion Vault slots. Then tap the “Move to Vault” button.

Note that you cannot send all your Champions to the Vault. At least one Champion must remain in the Champion Collection.


Champions that are currently being used will have a tick mark on their portrait in the Collection. If you select them, a popup will appear explaining why the Champion cannot be moved to the Vault.


If you want to move these Champions to the Vault, you must first tap the “Remove” button when the popup appears. Then tap on the Champion’s portrait and tap on the “Move to Vault” button to send them to the Vault.


To remove Champions from the Champion Vault, tap on their portraits in the Vault window. Then tap the “Remove from Vault” button.


Champion Vault Restrictions

Champions stored in the Champion Vault cannot:

  • Enter the Sparring Pit
  • Join the Arena Defense Team
  • Equip artifacts or upgrade Masteries
  • Be sacrificed to upgrade Level, Rank, or Skills of other Champions in the Tavern

Champion Vault Expansion

The Champion Vault initially has 10 open Slots, which can be expanded to a maximum of 300 Slots. Each expansion adds 10 new Slots and costs a certain amount of Silver or Gems.

When your Champion Vault is full, a popup will appear prompting you to expand your Vault. Tap the “+” icon, which occupies the final slot in your Champion Vault, to expand it. Then choose whether you want to use Silver or Gems to expand.


8 май 2022, 22:5308.05.22

I found the vault useful to put in fusion materials and faction guardians i use to get bonuses ! 

13 май 2022, 02:0613.05.22


20 июнь 2022, 22:0820.06.22

Is it okay to use the vault to store fully evolved warriors? I still use them in the game, but I use the vault to separate them from the rest. Do I lose points for this, or do I suffer any "damage" for this?