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Guide: Clan Boss

Guide: Clan Boss

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
11 авг. 2021, 09:3411.08.21

Guide: Clan Boss

Clan Boss

The Clan Boss is the Demon Lord – a special Boss available only to Clan Members.

The Clan Boss works differently to all other Bosses, in that it can be beaten through the cooperative efforts of all Clan Members.

Attacking the Clan Boss is the primary way of winning extremely valuable Clan Chests.

Clan Boss Keys are required to fight against the Clan Boss. Players are given one Clan Boss Key every 6 hours, but extra Keys can be purchased from the Shop.


Clan Bosses cannot be defeated in a single fight. Each Clan Member’s attacks wear down the Demon Lord’s HP, with each subsequent attack picking up where the previous one left off.


The amount of damage each individual Clan Member is able to deal influences which Clan Chest they will receive as their reward.

Clan Chests

Clan Chests contain randomized rewards, but are the only way of winning Cruel and Immortal Artifact Sets.


The Clan Boss resets at 10:00 UTC every day.

The number of Clan Chests each player receives depends on the outcome of that day’s Clan Boss battles.

  • If the Demon Lord is damaged but survives, each contributing Clan Member will receive one Clan Chest according to the damage they dealt.
  • If a Clan defeats the Demon Lord, each contributing Clan Member will receive two Clan Chests according to the damage they dealt.


The Demon Lord has 6 difficulties:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Brutal
  • Nightmare
  • Ultra-Nightmare

Players can only fight the Demon Lord on higher difficulties if their Clan successfully defeats the Boss on the previous difficulty.

Once a new difficulty is unlocked, it is permanently unlocked for that Clan – the Clan does not need to beat the previous difficulties each day.

Battling the Demon Lord on higher difficulties allows Clan Members to win better, more valuable Clan Chests.


The Demon Lord fully heals – even if defeated – at 10:00 UTC every day. This means Clan Members can fight the Demon Lord again and win more Clan Chests.

The Demon Lord always starts with the Void Affinity. Once the Demon Lord’s HP drops below 50%, the Boss will change Affinity to another random Affinity in the next battle.


Due to the random Affinity change, teams with multiple Void Champions or well-balanced mixes of Affinities have the advantage. 

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Why don't you repost this in game discussion and we'll see about getting everyone's input? :D

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hi everyone !  tell me pls why clan boss starting with a1 not with a2 i mean its starting with debufs especually in green or how it works i didnt find any answers thats why iam asking here. thank you.