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(Patch Notes) (11.03.2020) Update 1.13.5

(Patch Notes) (11.03.2020) Update 1.13.5

11 март 2020, 11:5911.03.20

(Patch Notes) (11.03.2020) Update 1.13.5

Hey, Raiders!

Those of you who had the opportunity to read the recent Update Highlights we posted last Friday already know what to expect from Update 1.13.5 and other updates going forward. To recap for those of you who missed the previous article, we are going to adjust production plans and aim to release smaller updates but much more frequently than before.

This time we are focusing on QoL improvements, some of which will affect all players while others are aimed at enhancing endgame PvP and further developing the competitive aspect that became prominent with the introduction of the Platinum Tier to the Arena.

Check out the full notes below to learn about these changes in detail:

New Features

180 Days Daily Login Rewards

The Daily Login Rewards program is going to be expanded for all players and will encompass 180 days as of now (up from 90 days). In addition to a variety of valuable rewards of all kinds such as Skill Tomes, Shards, Silver, it will include three awesome new Champions:

  • Dark Elhain, an Epic Attack Champion of the Undead Hordes faction, available at 120 days
  • Lordly Legionary, and Epic Attack Champion of the Banner Lords faction, available at 150 days
  • Scyl of the Drakes, a Legendary Defense Champion of the Barbarians faction, available at 180 days

You can check these new Champions out in the dedicated Champion Spotlight.


Platinum Tier Rewards

Available starting 16.03.2020

As of Update 1.13.5, Platinum Tier Rewards are going to be separated into 3 different sub-tiers to better reward competitive Arena players. These ‘sub-tiers’ will be based on the player’s place in the final rating:

  • Ultra Platinum Chest. 1st - 3rd Places
  • Super Platinum Chest. 4th - 20th Places
  • Platinum sub-tier Chest. 21st - 300th Places

Four new Player Profile avatars will be available in Ultra and Super Platinum Chests, worthy of both the stalwart servants of Lumaya and the brutal minions of Siroth. And to further denote success in the Platinum Tier, players who take first place will receive a Badge of Honor that will be displayed on their profile and show how many times they managed to battle to the very top of the Arena.

Furthermore, Platinum Tier Chests will contain brand new Artifact Sets:

Swift Parry Set (4)

SPD +18%. C. DMG +30%. 50% chance to get Unkillable for 1 turn when hit with a fatal hit.

Deflection Set (4)

HP +20%. DEF +20%. 25% chance to deflect 1 debuff onto the attacker when a debuff is placed on the wearer.

Affinity Dungeons and Potions

To make Ascending Champions easier and ensure running Affinity Keeps is worth it, we have significantly increased the number of Lesser Potions that players obtain in a single Leser Potions drop. This change takes effect in the later stages of Affinity Keeps (starting from Stage 12). For example, you could obtain between 3 and 7 Lesser Potions from Stage 15 of the Affinity Keep; as of this update, you will never get fewer than 7 Lesser Potions on Stage 15.

Miscellaneous and Bugfix

  • Speed hack fixed
  • AI fix for Septimus
  • Yannica's 3rd Skill, Elven Judgement, has been fixed and now can score Critical Hits as normal
  • Yannica, Angar, Sethallia, and Shamrock will have their ratings reset due to the significant balance changes that we’ve made in the previous Update
  • A bug affecting Block Revive Skills fixed. The following Champions apply Block Revive with the Warmaster of Giant Slayer damage properly now: Armiger, Bloodgorged, Conquerer, Inithwe Bloodtwin, Occult Brawler, Maeve, Excruciator, Painsmith, Beast Wrestler, Rotos the Lost Groom.

11 март 2020, 12:1911.03.20
Marius said:

A bug affecting Block Revive Skills fixed. The following Champions apply Block Revive with the Warmaster of Giant Slayer damage properly now: Armiger, Bloodgorged, Conquerer, Inithwe Bloodtwin, Occult Brawler, Maeve, Excruciator, Painsmith, Beast Wrestler, Rotos the Lost Groom.

11 март 2020, 14:0811.03.20
So basically more of nothing.... with a ton of freezing, lock ups, and hundreds of server restarts for the next week and half.
11 март 2020, 15:1611.03.20
11 март 2020, 15:18(отредактировано)
So no more place for heroes, no heroes and artifact sorting, no removing rare books from last unm and nm chest, no boss dmg meter, no unlimited hp cb, no heroes rebalance, no more content just useless trash from plarium developers.
11 март 2020, 15:1711.03.20
The new updates nice and shiney n all, except; The new platinum arena rewards are the lamest idea ever! Giving the players who are ALREADY the strongest unique OP gear will only ensure that noone but them will stand a chance at obtaining the top ranks, therefore making 99% of players (Espiecially F2P) incapable of ever getting that high of an arena rank.
11 март 2020, 15:2011.03.20

This is your focus on QOL features? Nah, not buying it guys. This is your attempt to keep platinum whales content a little longer maybe? Raising minimum potions is QOL? Fixing some AI bugs that could have been tested or fixed as a minor patch QOL improvements? A new log in calendar to entice people to keep logging in and be tempted to purchase packs is QOL? 

Love the game and its potential but come on man. Give me a break. The minor amount of stuff you have going on right here with today's release is a smoke screen to attempt to cover up the fact that we STILL DO NOT HAVE ANY OF THE NEW ACTUAL CONTENT... We have been losing clan mates like crazy over the last couple weeks. Even some of my original members are starting to lose interest. People like myself that have been together and playing since right around the formal release, investing a LOT of time and resources, but the facade is not gonna hold people forever and it is getting more and more apparent lately. 

11 март 2020, 16:1611.03.20

Thanks for the update, and honestly since last patch, my stability issues have been a lot better, even though it wasn't posted in the update.  Yes there were some major server up and down issues last patch, but at least now I can wait 5 - 10 minutes, and hit retry on battles and still get my rewards at the end.

You guys have a great game, it's fun, and addictive, even though the end game and repetitiveness I'm sure gets old for people when they start to max out.  I know it's impossible to make everyone happy and listen to everyone's suggestions, but literally almost everyone was against rewards for only the top 300 players, the community, the streamers, etc.  This doesn't even make any business sense as the people already killing it, aren't going to spend much money if any on getting these sets just to stay on top of arena.

If you guys want to make money and keep the game going strong here's my advice, for what it's worth.

1: Focus on current bugs/crashes etc, if people see these being worked on over content, trust me when I say it'll be a step in the right direction of pleasing most people.

2: Keep new champions coming like you have been.  I know the streamers complain and say it's not new content, but part of the fun is getting new characters, finding new combinations they work in, and opening shards.  This will keep your cash flow coming in, not only to get the heroes, but to level them, gear them, ascend them etc.

3: Focus on GOOD new content.  Maybe a new dungeon or campaign.  This would have been a much much better way to introduce these new sets.  Make an easy mode for all players with the garbage 2 star - 4 star grey drops, and then higher end stuff to run with tough bosses for our 6 star, purple/gold etc.  Re-vamp faction wars, ease up maybe on forcing us to have a full team for 3 star at the very least, make it fun.  The majority of people, even people spending insane money, have issues it, and the rewards are almost not worth the effort by the time it's do-able.  It's just not fun content for most people.  Add multiple tiers to Platinuum, instead of having Gold 4 take an eternity to get out of.

4: This one's been asked tons of times, and really is stopping the cash flow coming in from some of the big dogs but, just give us more room for champs, for gear, etc.  It's literally a few hundred extra lines per account in the database, and the cash flow you guys get from it, will literally cover the server expenses 10,000x over, if you even need a new server at all for the minimal impact of a database change across the multiple servers you already run, it's literally a no brainer.

Hopefully someone who has some direct influence with the devs, or owners will read this, and get things moving in the right direction again.  Bring in more people, make more money, and overall give us a better game.

11 март 2020, 16:2611.03.20

Nice job Plarium, you had 12 pages of people flaming you for this fake update. You had 12 pages of people telling you NOT to release those stupid god broken artifacts in to platinum tier arena. 

Was it always your intention to keep Platinum Tier available for your top 300 whales exclusively?

11 март 2020, 16:5111.03.20
Oh great new login rewards with new legendary champion and not one lego book as a reward. Thx for nothing Plarium you are the worst
11 март 2020, 17:3211.03.20

Cichy said:

Oh great new login rewards with new legendary champion and not one lego book as a reward. Thx for nothing Plarium you are the worst

Lego books are available in the in-game shop already for a good price. No need to give them as a login reward because it's already so simple and convenient to get them.

11 март 2020, 17:3811.03.20

On the bright sight of things, at least there are no crashes and constant maintenance time so far... Balance changes and bug and AI fixes are always welcome... Daily login rewards for another 3 months are alright... The graphics and other fluff are ok...

Just a few questions and some thoughts though...

Not that I could care any less since I'm f2p scum, but how is anyone outside of platinum arena supposed to get in said platinum arena, to get those new sets, once resident platinum players actually get some good gear out of that? Or will you nerf it later like Tormin, after the monthly income goal has been reached?

 And don't even try to downplay the new gear, 'cause it's pretty ridiculous...

Whales will be whalin', nothing against that, but 'when' all of that that happens, why would the rest of us even care about platinum at all? Not that we care too much now, mind you, which is (again) your fault, but you're actually making it virtually impossible to even eventually get into platinum with this, even with moderate amounts of money thrown at it... So, long term, it's going to be an even more pointless stroke of overall game experience than it is now for 99% of players...

Or do you actually expect people to throw mountains of money at that "problem" until it fixes itself with random loot from packs? 'Cause, oh, there will be packs of those eventually... Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow... But no one has any doubts about that...

So, yeah... A "huge" feature... It's huge alright, but I don't see how that's a "feature" at all, and who it's for by any stretch of the imagination... 'Cause I imagine at some point even the whales won't give a single damn about being in a 300 head sheep pen...

What I do see however is even big spenders not liking this train of thought and how the usually short sighted Plarium's aiming for its foot...again...

11 март 2020, 17:5711.03.20
They don‘t listen. It is not worth talking to them.
11 март 2020, 18:4811.03.20

Rotos the lost groom does NOT ignore unkillable with the war master mastery. Can we please fix that? 

Thank you for the 90 day+ daily login update, I do appreciate it. 
11 март 2020, 21:4911.03.20
Yep I am done. 
12 март 2020, 00:5312.03.20
psyrox2k said:

Hopefully someone who has some direct influence with the devs, or owners will read this, and get things moving in the right direction again.  Bring in more people, make more money, and overall give us a better game.

Hi. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I will forward them to CMs.
12 март 2020, 01:0712.03.20

Where do I apply for a job with you guys as a Community Manager??!!  Must give you great joy in getting paid to do absolutely NOTHING at all. 

12 март 2020, 02:2112.03.20
Can we get weekky quests fixt and preferably tested before releasing them???? And how bout more decent weekly rewards since u make the weeklies such a pita????
12 март 2020, 16:0412.03.20
12 март 2020, 16:10(отредактировано)

For me update 1.13.5 was very disappointing. It mainly constitutes very powerful sets for the top 300 players and no chance even for arean gold IV players to improve. As such it will only broaden the gap between the ultimate top faction and the rest.

New daily log-in rewards are nice, but why has everyone to get a free epic champion that is specifically designed to counter Tormin's sole use? He's not much worth anywhere else besides to some degree in spider's den. Why not reduce the passive ability chance and instead also counter sleep and stun? For me who had invested significant resources into fusing him thats like a direct slap in the face. Where's the free champ to counter highly overpowered Lilitu and Siphi? Where's the free champ to negate Hegemon's ability to come first each arena round? Dark Elhain has a skill set that is much better than that of several legendaries.

Not much of QOL improvements either. Removing bugs could have been implemented in small dot updates. Still no more space for champion storage despite the introduction of several new champs of different rarity. We even get a popup message each time we want to sacrifice rare champs. Videos recommend to keep useless or duplicate rare and epic champs for the future becaus of fusions or in the case of adjustments at some time in the future. Moderators tell us one should best be 'perpared' for some types of events, especially when it comes to new fusions. I propably don't want to sacrifice a developed 5 or 6 star champ a fusion. Where's more storage capacity for artifacts? Still no solution for duplicate legendaries either.

With this update I really feel my gameplay fun severely damaged and all the ressources invested to fuse Tormin detroyed. I therefore concluded not to invest into this game for the foreseeable future or until these nerfs for serious players have been adjusted.

Kind regards and very sad


13 март 2020, 22:1813.03.20
13 март 2020, 22:19(отредактировано)

I was using Septimus as my campaign farmer but since the AI patch he uses his A2 on trash mobs and dies before taking his turn instead of oneshotting trashes using his A1.

I know it's a great change to make him use his A2 on auto and i think he uses his A1 repeatedly when the trashes are on low hp but only when they have about 20~30% hp.

You guys should make a change to it not to use his A2 on trashes or making A1 threshold higher. 

It's another problem since AI fix and it's really frustrating.

16 март 2020, 01:5416.03.20
16 март 2020, 01:55(отредактировано)

This will blow your mind but:

1. Allow the player to set AI behavior for each hero, before the fight. He can edit/save that AI behavior. It is better to let the player edit AI behavior than to do it yourself (the RAID developers).

2. More stuff for f2p. For the f2p, this game sucks!

21 март 2020, 03:1421.03.20

The rants on here are actually pretty funny. You guys are complaining to a company that is happy to charge you $50 for a few chances to win a legendary as though you think they care.
Of course, they are going to pander to the whales... This is where they make their money. Small spenders are just icing on the cake, and free to play are space fillers to make the game appear active.

The game is simple; spend more money, get better things. Spend less money and sit on a team of blue characters, and trash legendaries for a few more years. All while they promise you a game, and rebalancing that never happens.

I would say your best bet is to either quit or start laughing at the circus that is Plarium.

Yo Plarium, props on the big update. Just when I didn't think you could find another way to sleaze us out of more money, you did! I wonder how many people sat there looking at the gold pass asking themselves if they really have the heart to make that transaction.