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A New Solo Tournament Is Here

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A New Solo Tournament Is Here

A New Solo Tournament Is Here
Take Part In The Speed Sweep

Ahoy Captain,

A fresh chance to show your efficiency on the high seas is here in the form of a new Solo Tournament – the Speed Sweep.

This Tournament is on now. You can earn Tournament Points by:

- Activating Boosts: You will get Tournament Points for each minute boosted.

- Using Nautical Charts: You will get more Tournament Points for Nautical Charts that decrease the Travel time by a greater amount.

The more Points you earn, the better your Rewards will be, so don’t miss this opportunity.

If you make it to the top of the Rankings, you’ll get an additional prize when the Tournament ends.

Access this Tournament by opening the “Events” window from the main interface.

Give it your all and claim sweet victory!

Piratically yours,
Captain Anne “Bonnie” O'Malley

15 нояб. 2021, 12:2915.11.21