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Flash will be Disabled Soon

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Flash will be Disabled Soon

Ahoy Captain,

At the end of this year, Flash will be disabled on all browsers. On January 1st, 2021, the game will be disabled on Plarium.com. But don't worry!

You can continue your pillaging on Plarium Play. Download now to save your game progress, all your purchases, and receive extra Rewards!

We sincerely appreciate the time you have spent with us, and we have worked hard to put together some massive rewards and surprises. Launch the game with Plarium Play and you'll receive tons of wonderful goodies:

- An Event Calendar
- Tournaments with doubled Rewards
- Free Premium Battle Passes (December and January)
- Higher Unit movement Speed on desktop version
- and many, many Gifts!

All these prizes will only be available on Plarium Play. Don't miss out: click OK to download Plarium Play and continue your journey!

NOTE! After you log in using Plarium Play, make sure you are using the correct Server!

Piratically yers,
Captain Anne "Bonnie" O'Malley

7 дек. 2020, 16:3207.12.20
7 дек. 2020, 18:5107.12.20
7 дек. 2020, 18:52(отредактировано)

I don't like Play app.. so I never finished collecting a 21 day reward.. so I lost the migration reward

bummer.. I would delete the current 21 day reward if I could to get this 30 day migration reward..

as soon as I looked at the gift.. it vanished so I have no access to it even if I could delete previously uncollected active 21 day reward.. 

Awrrrr no Soup for me

PS .. I could not find a way to forum from Play App.. 

is this oversight or am I too blind to find it?

7 дек. 2020, 23:2607.12.20

The forum is a plain web page, so it's still used via browser.

As for the rewards, I keep getting these promises and a very disruptive "Download Plarium Play" window... yet I have no way to run Plarium Play, as a Linux user (which the game could easily see from my browser's user agent).

8 дек. 2020, 02:5308.12.20

If a haven has an incomplete previous 21-day bonus run, the new 21-day bonus run is NOT activated. You will lose a massive number of free rubies etc and there is no way to fix this.

9 дек. 2020, 11:1409.12.20

@Adz, I asked my CM about this, and they said that you should be able to get these new rewards here:


I'm guessing it's the same for everyone else (Goliath, for example).

10 дек. 2020, 03:4210.12.20

If a haven has an incomplete previous 21-day bonus run, the new 21-day bonus run is NOT activated. You will lose a massive number of free rubies etc and there is no way to fix this.

I have the same problem.

I have NOT been given the Migration bonus.

I had a previous 21-day bonus that was incomplete when the Migration bonus was implemented.

I have done nothing wrong.

Please, Plarium, fix this problem. It is YOUR PROBLEM.

10 дек. 2020, 10:5610.12.20

Laissez, may I see the screenshot of the same part of the screen that I supplied above, please?

Also, either provide your ID string (you can get it by clicking on it in the bottom left of the Help window) or specify which platform (Plarium (app included) or FB), server (The Pirate Bay/The Golden Coast/Sirens' Strait), and coordinates you're playing at.

Or, if you don't want to, you can report a bug here

10 дек. 2020, 21:4510.12.20

So if we run Chrome are we screwed?

10 дек. 2020, 23:0310.12.20

Not until you update it. However, for security reasons, it is not a good idea to go without updates for too long, unless you use that Chrome only for the game.

Plarium made some vague announcements for in-browser solutions, but these will be late, likely several weeks or even months.

Until then, if you're on Windows or Mac, see if this can help you. If you're on Linux (probably Mac too), this might be a solution.