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Plarium's plans for its strategy games once browsers stop supporting Flash

Plarium's plans for its strategy games once browsers stop supporting Flash

AlinaCommunity Manager
12 сент. 2019, 13:1812.09.19

Plarium's plans for its strategy games once browsers stop supporting Flash

In 2016, Adobe announced that they would stop developing Flash. By December 2020, Flash will no longer be supported by any web browser. As many of you know, most of Plarium’s strategy games run on the Flash engine. If the browsers block Flash, it would spell the end of an incredible gaming community. It would be a disaster, and we’re not about to let it happen.

Adobe suggested we transfer our games from Flash to WebGL to avoid the problem entirely. As an experiment, we began to transfer one of our games - Sparta: War of Empires - to WebGL in the middle of 2016.

It took 2 years, and the results were disappointing. The WebGL engine was not as powerful as Flash: the minimum system requirements went up, the visual quality went down, the load times were 5-7 times longer, and the game was much less responsive. After 3 years of awesome gameplay, players had come to expect more. WebGL would not do!

Our top priority was, and will always be, the development of high-quality games for our players. WebGL was unacceptable, so we built an alternative: Plarium Play, an independent desktop application. It enables us to safely and reliably use Flash even after Adobe stops supporting the engine. It’s convenient for you, it’s convenient for us, and it’s already the solution being implemented by others facing this problem.

What does this mean?

Chrome will support Flash till the end of 2020. We recommend switching to Chrome if your browser cuts support early.

Players who are currently playing on plarium.com should switch directly to Plarium Play as soon as possible.

Players who are using facebook.com should switch to Facebook’s Gameroom application.

Other social platforms hosting our games are currently developing desktop applications. Once those are out, you should switch over.

While Flash is available on browsers, we will do everything we can to help you play our games on your format of choice. Once that’s no longer an option, you can still keep playing on Plarium Play or your platform’s desktop application.

We want to assure you that our strategy games will keep using Flash. Our best developers will continue working on improving the game quality, adding new content, and implementing new features to provide you with the best game experience. We will also continue collecting feedback from our gaming community so we can create a perfect game together.

Thank you for sticking with us. We will keep you updated!

Plarium Team

12 сент. 2019, 22:0912.09.19

Plarium play stopped working for me two days ago, at reset.  I now have to play from a browser.  When I open Plarium Play now, I get the message "Service Unavailable  HTTP Error 503: The Service is unavailable."  All other games I play from other companies work fine.

I have tried unistalling and redownloading Plarium Play, that did not fix the issue.

I am not the only person in my clan with this issue.

If you cannot get Plarium Play working properly, when browser support ends, so will your game.

12 сент. 2019, 23:2412.09.19

are you saying that all my game play on Facebook is now going to be thrown away!!??

Why can't you transfer accounts over to Plarium Play if that is the way you are offering for us to keep play....what about the thousands of dollars I have paid to get items in the game!?
13 сент. 2019, 11:4213.09.19
So... Plarium Play for Linux?
27 сент. 2019, 02:1027.09.19

Ben oui, à quand un Plarium Play pour Linux alors ???

Un paquet .deb pour Ubuntu (et Debian) par exemple.
7 окт. 2019, 18:4307.10.19

Time to go back to non flash games. 

Installing an App on the hard drive involves a trust factor which i feel Plarium has not yet earned.

Majority of players are nt installing because of this.

some transprency please.
7 сент. 2020, 12:2707.09.20

And once ADOBE stops providing security patches for FLASH - who is looking out for PCs running unsafe FLASH via Plarium Play?

Wait!  Let me guess!  The same folks who provide the fine IT security for the Plarium servers?

No thanks. 
16 дек. 2020, 05:0816.12.20

where is the link to port out FB accounts into Plarium Play like you've done for Sparta and Stormfall?

16 дек. 2020, 18:1016.12.20

Does it mean i can't continue with my current progress in the game because when i use my facebook login, i start with a new character instead of the one i put a lot of effort in to get it so high.

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18 июль 2021, 23:3618.07.21