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News regarding Unique Clan Logos

News regarding Unique Clan Logos

5 июль 2018, 13:3905.07.18

News regarding Unique Clan Logos

Lords Marshal,

We have good news regarding Unique Clan Logos that were obtainable by completing certain Clan Achievements.

As you know, recently we stopped accepting Unique Clan Logo requests. But after the announcement of this change, we got tons of feedback and suggestions that made us reconsider our decision. You’ve proved us that this feature is a very important part of gameplay and receiving a Unique Logo is one of the biggest goals for every Clan.

We have carefully considered all your suggestions and we are ready to present you a new workflow with Unique Clan Logos:

  1. From now on, Clans are allowed to create Unique Logos by themselves. That means as soon as a Clan completes all the required Clan Achievements, its Leader should contact Support (https://plariumsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=114094017452) in order to receive a special Guideline with requirements to Unique Logos (size, format, etc.). As soon as a Clan creates its Unique Logo, it should be sent back to Support for approval and inserting into the game.

  2. All Clans that are currently waiting for their Unique Clan Logos will receive our Guideline for creating Unique Clan Logos. They will also be offered a choice to either wait for their Unique Logo created by our designers (currently ETA can be 8-10 months or more) or make a Unique Logo by themselves.

We’re sure, this change will allow you to create a Unique Logo for your Clan as fast as you can and design it as cool as you wish. The only condition is that your Logo should meet the requirements of our Guideline.

We are really grateful for your suggestions and feedback. Thanks to your concern, we've reversed our previous decision, and now we hope Clans will reach their great goals even faster.

Happy sailing!