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25 May, 2018, 5:05 PM UTC
last 2-3 weeks hiting ubers or ghosts has become a painful thing, everytime me and some ppl in my clan we are about to hit them the game get very slow after few hits, having 2heroes is not even worth it anymore, i feel like its even slower with 2heroes we are few trying to contact plarium about this issue and i know no mods read the forum anymore so if anyone is having this problem please contact them aswell. thanks.
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25 May, 2018, 7:35 PM UTC

Kudjate said:

... and i know no mods read the forum anymore ...

These forum have only 1 mod... from personal experience with some game issue, i know that he read the forum... but in some case, time ( can be days due to week end ) is needed ...

The guy is alone and cannot be online 24/24 7/7... personaly, i think that plarium need to "invest" in at least 1 more moderator on the forum

As about hitting invader/ghost, i have not the same problem that you... no slowdown... but i have a flickering who appear from time to time who make it very difficult to hit a button... can happen when doing task, when hitting invader, when attacking, when trying to put a shield, etc...

a other issue, with double hero, is that server are slow... plenty of time with double hero, i have pop up windows with "hero already on march"... need a extra click for dismiss it and make the process with double hero more slow that with single one...
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25 May, 2018, 7:45 PM UTC

well i said that no mods read the forum because there is posts holding their issue for weeks without any mod response to it, maybe plarium should invest for few more because indeed 1mod for the entire forum is little bit awkward.

as about the issue my problem is after few hits or after first uber, the second one is painful to kill, i have to hit the buton and wait sometimes few secs befor my hero goes out to hit, this is not an internet issue because everything else is pretty quick, and many in my clan have the same problem.

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25 May, 2018, 9:01 PM UTC

Admin only pipes in when it's useful. They don't address complaining in general and if you've already submitted a ticket, there is no purpose to them replying here, other than in their leisure. I'm not saying you're whining, as it's useful to acknowledge that other players are getting same glitches. 

Short and simple: Don't expect adminstration to respond :D

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28 May, 2018, 10:00 AM UTC


Could you please clarify your question? To resolve the issue, please send details here http://support-portal.plarium.com/ticketcreator/vikings/en?devicelocale=en  

We want to help, but to avoid misunderstanding, it would be great if you could describe the situation in detail. Please add some screenshots, if possible. Thank you in advance. 

Best regards,

Your Plarium Support Team

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