New Update Shamans! Discuss and surprising aftermath!

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6 December, 2017, 12:36 PM UTC

Hello everyone. I'm starting a new topic to discuss new update which adds shamans.

First of all i want to say Thanks to plarium team because they are continuing to developing the game.

But as for me it is worst update for the last time.

There were a number of updates adding high level content and these updates each time increases difference between top and average donators.

I realize that if i stay on my comfort level of donations (20$ per 2 months) i will not see Tier 6 warriors or high level Shamans soon.

And i think it is the final point to take decision to give up with this game is that there are nothing in last updates to make the game easier and less boring.

I have VIP lvl 15 and clicking all tasks (Why there is no additional button "take all"?) are Boring.

Hiring army in number of several millions are wastes hours of my life and it is damn Boring.

Killing invaders - yeah for the first hundreds of it were funny but now it is damn Boring.

I thought that uber invaders can exchange 2-3 common invaders but it is not so. And it damn Boring too.

I have a lot of equipment for the hero and every day i have to put on equip for knowledge, than change it for building, than change it for resources production and a lot of more equip changes. The set activations are costs gold and it is too expensive to use it several times a day  - and all this yeah you know what i want to say -  "are Damn Boring"

Now we have Shamans and i do not want to deal with them at all. Because they need additional donations with the same killing system - and it would be boring twice.

And additional donation is not comfortable to me.

There are no new tactics in fight system - single strikes are quite rare for now.

It became usual to fight with traps and onslaughts - and this is not funny anymore.

In one time you can lost all your top army and you will spend lots of hours in game billions of resources and lots of boosts (gold/money) to recover it.

In summary I want to say: the new update gives lot of new content and it could be interesting if it were with new gameplay.

And this new gameplay was easier and more automated. I know that some people have to use emulators and scripts for repeating actions (I don’t know if it is permitted).

Also I dislike enforcement to additional donate.

That’s why I, my wife and several of my clan-mates are thinking of to give up with the game. We have spent here a year, we had fun, but for now, the game became uncomfortable to us at all.

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