Proguide Catching enemies that shield fast

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2 May, 2018, 3:30 AM UTC

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Catching enemies that shield fast.

One way I find pretty effective to catch players who reshield quickly is to relocate toward them right before they launch their attack.

If you time it right, you can relocate to your enemy when he is selecting the troops for march. This way you will have enough time to hit the enemy after he launches his march and before he equips his shield.

Using t1 can be effective for this as they usually take about 1 second to march if you are located right near your enemy, but t1 can be too weak. The march speed boosters are useful in this situation, especially if you are using slower type/tier of troops.

Beware that this may not necessarily hit through an enemy, as enemy can have his hero home or simply strong army, but in many cases this works because players often send heroes with their marches.

Also, watch out because someone else might easily catch you this way too.

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