Invaders Equipment Order proguide

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1 May, 2018, 11:45 AM UTC

At the beginning, we all wondered what should we craft first. I saw a lot of questions ,,should I craft legendary standard equipment?" or ,,should I craft usual invader equipment before crafting legendary?". Well I will answer most of those questions. 

First of all I personally think is a waste to craft legendary standard equipment, because it doesn't give you such a big bonus, comparing to the invaders equipment. I crafted unusual standard equipment and started to gather material for legendary equipment. But that's a personal preference. You can do legendary standard equipment, and after that go for legendary invader

Another set of questions was ,,what set of invaders should I go first?" and ,,what level should the invaders I hit be?". If you are active and can use your energy daily, I suggest you the Royal Guardsman gear. If you are defensive/offensive focused town, you should go Lynx/Saracen gear. You can choose what you craft picking a bonus from here. It helped me a lot, I hope It will help you too. Regarding the invaders level, the higher the better. A youtuber made a test, if you'd like to watch the entire video you have it here. But here's the summary 

Invader 6    

Cost per Material/25.9 

Cost per Gem/12.8   

Invader 5    

Cost per Material/27.9 

Cost per Gem/15.3   

Invader 4   

Cost per Material/ 45.1 

Cost per Gem/46.1   

Invader 3    

Cost per Material/ 142.6 

Cost per Gem/123.6 

Invader 2   

Cost per Material/115.6 

Cost per Gem/335.6   

Invader 1   

Cost per Material/213 

Cost per Gem/245 

The worst level invader, is the level 1. I would avoid the level 3, as much as possible. Don't forget that normal attack are better than enhanced attacks.


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