Trappers gonna trap

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27 April, 2018, 3:01 PM UTC

So there will be some obvious for smb or not so obvious info about traps

That isn’t guide as smth going to think bcz trap theme is just so specific sphere there u’re not limited by smth just ur imagination :) 

As i know it can be distributed by few categories: 

  1. Traps on the tiles 
  2. Traps at/with the towns 
  3. Traps at the POP 

Not all “Traps” here are traps technically, it could be baits or some provocations to force our enemy to be opened for attack.  

About tile traps  

One of the most popular variants of traps - tile trap. I think there can be 2 variants: 

1. An Unexpected Party.  

Smb near u send his troops on tile as it’s obviously tile farm and u’re scout him and then decide to attack. BUT ALL IS NOT SO EASY and he or his clanmates very fast relocating near that tile while there’s few secs to your attack and trying to catch your troops jut-at-time after attack action, and then…. 

Yep, i know that’s 1 sec to return troops from tile after attack but some ppl just didn’t expect smth like that, so sometimes it works.  

2. Smb near u send his troops on tile as it’s obviously tile farm... ( so familiar? :D) You just think that there is the situation as always when smb farm tile just 10-20k t1 and its easy points (even if the the player who farms it have much more infl then u) and just sent your troops as always and there u have to face with surprize :D 

So count will be on fact that in global competitions guys who always attack too many ppl on tiles don’t scout it before bcz too much time and too many shield need to waste for it.  

So next about some baits and traps with towns  

As u all knows, i think, first of all, there can be one of the most popular traps: when u equip Lynx, used disguise, take max RI in your town or RI + OS if it possible (best variant, i think) down your shield and wait for the victim :D beside of that your clanmates can pull you their scouts to prevent enemy espionage successed.  

+Of that kind of traps that max march even its OS is more limited usually ( not so many players have max march or max OS)  

+In your town u have additional defend bonus from Wall and Watchtower  

-As your Mead Hall and WB have some limit as well as enemy march or OS  

-Usually u need ask some help from other big brothers from your clan  

As some tactic variant there could be trap when the player don’t have any troops in the town, equip some farm set and become pulled by some count of troops from clanmates with full war equip. Guys who scout him just can’t see rly troop bonuses bcz troops don’t belong to this town master so can’t assess real situation.  

So “It’s just so obviously!” u can say and yep. I agree. Just so obviously just when u discussing that :) but it ought to be added here bcz in the case it works again and again  

So next popular kind of traps it’s a scout trap 

Same conditions with the previous trap but just only with scouts. So if u want to feel yourself like James Bond 007 just do it :D  

One of the biggest plus of that tactic that the enemy can’t OS u ! Bcz there’s no OS with scouts (ty, cap).  

U need to get rid of all troops and rss before in the event that the enemy decides to hit u without espionage. Or you can combine this 2 kind of traps and it will be greatest variant i think.  

So about scouts u can be pulled by your clanmates if smb trained them and max as main/2nd or if it’s your main troops, guys can pull u RI+OS with other kind of troops. Will be just great if u or smb has new scout shaman (Wendla-of-Shadow) bcz she give rly good scout bonuses and beside of it bonuses to all troops.  

Like an example one of my friends shared with me some screenshots with very funny trap result 

So during the cvc they decide to make a trap with scouts + troops and the enemy clan send scouts to look what is this but lose espionage (as u know in this case they can’t see all report but they can see enemy bonuses, so say saw smth like +700% def bonus and same health bonus and can guess that it is a trap) 

But seems as they not timid guys and they decide to send some small melee to scout  

And after that they decide that they can do it (notice that they didn’t know how many troops was there but saw town’s owner bonuses)


Want to say that in this cvc they lose SO MANY points, gosh  

Okay, clear with it i hope :) 

Don’t forget about that non-traps strategies as fact which can force your enemy lose the shield and give u opportunity to attack him. 

For example: farm all tiles around your enemy and wait for his hit and after he lose his shield u or your clanmates attack his town. As a little tip need to say that it will be better to use long boosts (12-h or 24) before this actions bcz u don’t know it whut moment enemy will open so u need be always ready.  

And last what i want to up in this case: POP traps 

Here all is just easy: u need to pull POP with max marches and wait for. Usually it happens during competitions.  

+POP have no limit to RI so all clan members can pull it with all their marches but remember that march without Hero or Shaman = just meat so i recommend send max 2-3 marches ( with Hero/ with Shaman/ with Hero Double) but as most of all dont have war Shaman i don’t think that it be useful to send marsh with Buggy :DDD 

+High probability that smb will be baite to attack u unlike usual trap (u can wait smb for few hours but nope…) 

-POP usually attack guys who knows what they do and how they strong :(( and that can be some hell with losing all  

So there was some classic traps here but if u know some interesting tips or tactics it will be great to write about it in comments ^___^ or share your reps!  

As i said there so many different traps can be ! Bcz we have no limit for different plans and tactics in our imagination :) 

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28 April, 2018, 8:20 AM UTC

want to lvlup my scouts especially after Wendla was added in the game, so good bonuses ! And what’s your main?

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