Proguide for most effective attack against invaders

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8 May, 2018, 2:10 PM UTC

If you want to have an effective attack against invaders you need to reach Hero ‘s level 55, so you can set hero skills in the most effective way. You need 65skill points set the following way :

Hero skills → against invaders

Weaken invaders 10/10

Hero energy depletion 15/15

Hero ‘s offense 15/15

Hero ‘s sustained attack 15/15

You are going to need also maximum knowledge for invaders.

The following knowledge is appropriate for the most effective attack:

Knowledge → invaders

Unlock invaders I 1/1

Hero ‘s critical hit I 10/10

Hero ‘s endurance I 10/10

Unlock invaders II 1/1

Hero ‘s sustained attack I 10/10

Hero ‘s offense I 10/10

Hero ‘s critical hit II 10/10

Unlock invaders III 1/1

Unlock invaders IV 1/1

Reduce invader defense 10/10

Hero ‘s sustained attack II 10/10

Hero ‘s offence II 10/10

Hero ‘s endurance II 10/10

Unlock invaders V 1/1

Unlock invaders VI 1/1

After the knowledge is done you are ready to attack your first invaders. 

If the knowledge mention before is completed your sustained attack is caped at 600%. To reach that cap you need to use 40 normal attacks. After the sustained attack cap is reached you can use enhanced attack to finish the invader off.

This tactic is important since it increases the damage done to an invader and as a result the rarity of the materials dropped on every hit, since rarity is connected to the damage inflicted to an invader. Considering this using hero offence boost if available can provide an additional 20% in offence for one hour, slightly increasing your chance for rare materials. 

Its crucial to not change target until the invader is killed cause that will reset your sustained attack bonus. 

The first invaders you must attack are Royal guardsman and Avarin. These invaders can drop you the appropriate materials that you need for the hero ‘s equipment against invaders . The equipment you need is :

Guardsman Helmet (hero ‘s offense 4.4% , reduce invader defense 4.4%, hero ‘s endurance 4.8%)

White robe (hero ‘s offense 4.4, hero ‘s endurance 4.8%)

Plated Gauntlet x2 (reduce invader defense 4.4%, hero ‘s endurance 4.8%)

Sword of Vengeance (hero ‘s offense 4.4%, reduce invader defense 4.4%)

White boots (hero ‘s offense 4.4%, reduce invader defense 4.4%, hero ‘s endurance 4.8%)

To conserve energy is beneficial to attack invaders when the - 10% hero’s energy depletion global bonus is active. This way you save 10% energy per hit which reduces the overall energy needed to kill one invader. 

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4 August, 2018, 8:14 AM UTC

How about hero skills? 

What build is the best?

Troop offence? Killer offence Melee?

Do you need any defence?

Give me knowledge
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4 August, 2018, 3:40 PM UTC

Athough kkadas00 's post is of use, and something to aim for, I think there are lots of gaps in the information that could/should be covered   however  I suspect that this in formation is a little too advanced for you DUDE.

You intially need only one piece of research in order to attack invaders, everything else after that, that you can do, as mentioned above is a bonus.

There is an apparant implied suggestion that you wait till you are Hero 55, and have all the research done, and  only then are you ready to attack an invader, but also you should wait and only attack the Royal Guardsman.

How soon you can get the suggested targets, will depend on your game play time, and strategy, and how much real money you are prepared to  spend on the game.

Meanwhile,you might as well  be attacking lower level invaders with the free energy the game gives you, rather than waiting for the Royal Guardsman to show up, or till you have enough skills and energy packs to be a ble to  do sustained attacks against the Avarin, which is an Uber Invader.

The Royal Guardsman IS something worth aiming for ,as it  true that it helps you attack every other invader at a lower energy cost.

However,other invaders have material  also worth having,but it can be beneficial not to spread your attacks on every invader and intially concentrate on those that are most useful to your needs .

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