What is an Onslaught?

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6 May, 2018, 12:22 PM UTC

What is an Onslaught? (Game id-15592953).

In Vikings War of Clans an onslaught is similar to a normal attack, except your clan members can join you. You can set up an onslaught by clicking on another Jarl you wish to attack. The target must be in a clan, or have a town level of 15+ to start your onslaught.

You can then a set a timer between 8 minutes and 8 hours before your troops attack. This allows time for other clan members to donate warriors for your attack. The donated warriors will march to your town ready for the onslaught. All warriors in the onslaught will take on your hero’s stats and boosts.

Thus, anyone with large number of troop count can join an oslaught even without good offence stats, because, all participating troops will take on the hero statistics of the initiator of the onslaught.

This fact was reinforced on the day another clan took hold of the place of power. Luckily for them, their big players was on at the moment, and they packed the place of power with 8 million troops.

We waited for our big players to come online to no avail. With only an hour to go before the place of power shields, we decided to have a go at the place of power. A town mostly used for trap with the capacity to host 4 million troops was used to prepare an onslaught. Unfortunately, the hero and hero gears of the town was low on stats, but we had no idea that these stats of his town was going to affect our overall performance. I was high in hero skills and gears but couldnt host much troops for an onslaught. 

The thing was that we made two attempts by 8 players, sending 4 million troops against 6 million of our opponent, and failed to take the place of power. We were demoralized as our opponents even sent in more reinforcements. 

With almost 5 minutes to go, one of our big players came online, and immediately sensed what was going on. He immediately prepared an onslaught and was only joined by 4 of us with a total of 2.5 million troops. With no time to waste, he sent them off to the attack. We were surprised to see us take the place of power, slaughtering 7.5 million troops of our opponents and loosing only 900 thousand troops.

It was later we realized that the participants in an onslaught will take on the military statistics of the hero of the initiator of the onslaught.

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