ProGuide Tips for those who have just started and who are eager to advance.

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1 May, 2018, 8:21 PM UTC

These are tips that as a beginner in this game I found helped me.

1. If you are serious about playing give yourself a name. Numbers are okay but others get to know you easier if you have a descriptive name.  You have the option of changing it later on.

2. Decide if you want to be an aggressive player, that is one that will be pillaging other towns to get what you need or do you want to obtain what you need by farming in your own town or (harvesting) Stone, Iron, Lumber, Silver, & Food in your kingdom or the enemy kingdom. If pillaging from other towns spend time on-line learning who to attack and how. *Attacking others around you who are higher up than you is not a good way to start. Start building up Tier 1 troops - these will be the most important ones to you even when you are at higher levels whether you are farming or pillaging.   If you are harvesting tiles during an event look at the event description to determine the best place to be harvesting (home kingdom or enemy one). Go where it is best. No use harvesting tiles in home kingdom if there is no points for it.  It helps no-one in the event then.

3. Use Shields. If you don't want to lose what you are harvesting or your troops purchase a shield. You can obtain them from the store. You can't attack others if the shield is up but it is really good to use if there is a clan vs clan (cvc) or Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) event going on, that is unless you are the one doing the pillaging. Also if you join a clan it is expected of you that you will protect yourself from being pillaged by the enemy as that gives them points against the clan or kingdom you are in. That is definitely a way to loose friends in your clan and in some cases be kicked out of a clan.

4. Join an active clan. This is one where the members appear to be harvesting, pillaging, increasing in influence. You need to be in an active clan to win gold. The more active others are in the clan the better it is for you as you will be able to progress faster than if you are on your own. There are many perks to belonging to a clan.

5. Complete the tasks that show up on the left hand side of the screen always. You obtain soldiers, jewels, building materials, and other bonuses that can help you progress.

6. Don't be afraid to ask others in your clan for assistance if you need it. Learn to communicate with others in your clan.

7. If your food goes into the red don't panic it only means that you are using more than you are producing. The amount can go to 0 and your troops will still be able to function.It will only prevent you from doing other things that require food.

 8. To just function you only need to build one building of each type but if you add multiples of others you will produce more of what you need. I found that having more farms and manors (silver) and infirmaries(enough to cover your troops) where the most important to me. You will find that there are a lot of opinions about that you should do .

9. Keep up the VIP status up as there are a lot of perks and bonuses with it.

10. Before KvK or CvC the list of what will give points is posted. If you know what will give points you can hold off from doing those things until the competitions starts.


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