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1 May, 2018, 7:53 PM UTC

Hero sets are simple to use, super beneficial and if you play this game long-term you inevitably will use and need them. All you need to open a hero set is memory points, whether you know it or not you have enough memory points to open a hero set I'm sure

The whole idea is to specialize in different important areas of this game

We can do that by arranging our hero points in a way where their particular to each individual task, luckily we can do that and save them

I only use Melee troops for military so I will have an entire set dedicated to strictly Melee troops

The way I arrange my hero points I delegate every point toward Melee and health

So this is just one example of one hero set

It's not too dissimilar to any other set you're trying to create

Just figuring out how to use hero sets can be a little tricky at first

So you'll want to click up in your hero sets and start working your way through it

You will need a second chance. If you don't already have one it will cost 2000 gold or I think 2000 loyalty points from the clan store

I would recommend starting with just two sets

A military set so you can fight, that is the funnyest part of the game anyway

And then another set for knowledge and build. Dedicate enough for food for troops, and you should be good

I should mention your second chance resets your hero points, from there you realign them, when you're finished you will replace the set

If you look at the bottom of the screen you will see activate and replace

Once you've delegated all your points do forget to replace the set, or when you switch sets all that hard work figuring out the best little way to maximize every point will be lost.

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