gold and packs why is it more expensive for me than my clan members?

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29 March, 2017, 8:44 PM UTC

can anyone tell me why me and one of my clan members get offered the same pack and his costs $4.99 and mine costs £44.99

he is higher lvl than me before you say its to do with level because it clearly isnt. Its also not to do with how much we spend because he spends more than i do. i bought 1 pack at the beginning for £4.99, then that wasnt offered anymore so i got one for £8.99 then that disappeared and now the cheapest i can get on special offer is £17.99 but its got no good stuff in it. the one thats the same as my clan members $4.99 pack would cost me £44.99 and im not gonna pay that.

why do i have to pay more than other players to get the same stuff? i wouldnt mind if it was just a little but £40 more is just a joke.
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30 March, 2017, 1:34 PM UTC

The cost of packages is chosen individually

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