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BLOOD Moon Rising

BLOOD Moon Rising

May 11, 2022, 17:0505/11/22

BLOOD Moon Rising

The original author's spelling is retained.


When Lars was a young man of four
He found a book of the Norsemen of yore
The tales of their travels
Their gods and their battles
Stuck with him like nothing before

Forward into his teens
Viking legends populated his dreams
He’d spend all his free time
Researching Beserkers on line
And imagining their enemies screams

Now as a man in his prime.
When Viking exploits would be classed as a crime
He had decisions to make
That his career would take
But his head was lost back in time

He went of and got his degree
In the boring old world of IT
But at home he would ponder
Of the old tales of wonder
And the Viking he wished he could be

And now all the stars have aligned
He’s a Viking not just in mind
He travels to JOT
Where the fighting is hot
Burning towns he’s able to find

He sits above all of the chiefs
In their Strongholds guarding their fiefs
Moderator of all
Awaiting the call
Hey Lars what kinda rewards would you call these