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The original author's spelling is retained.


The Mighty Knight Lars

Once upon time there was a man named Lars.

He wasn't particularly talanted in any ordinary things in life. But there was an aura of uniqness what drew people around him. First time when he recoginsed , discovered his ability to lead and inspire was in the big battelfield.

Him and his fellow warriors were outnumbered, they knew they might be defeated the only hope was hold a honour, die as a true Viking, protect their families, protect their land and their plunders.
Lars who was already known as very good warrior due to his skill and honour, stepped up and spoke to his fellow warriors: " Today we pick our swords up high, Today we may lay them down low , no death is more honourable then death on greatest battlefield, so may you all while dying take more enemies with you to Valahalla"
Warriors roared and felt inspired - they knew their outnumbered and it didn't matter, as at that moment Honour was most important thing.

Battle was fierce , enemy was strong. many lives were lost, but Odin was favourable to the great knight Lars. His warriors survived, they defeated invaders of the land and great tales were going around the land, noone decided to challange Lars and his warriors anymore to the time when he joined the great community of vikings managment team ... 😂😂