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Twila Collins

Twila Collins

Jan 28, 2022, 13:0101/28/22

Twila Collins

The original author's spelling is retained.


The House of Mysteries

I approached the House of Mysteries
Ulf was there, to the right
Willing to share his histories
Full of rage, quite a sight

Baggi stormed in, full of despair
Again a mess, looking for success
Many things that need repair
Again he begins the rebuilding process

Inga sits in the rain
His back against the wall
He knows it is time to train
But the need to learn, throws a curveball

Next is see the clan nomad
He is as fierce as any other man
My clan was now his own launchpad
He insists I have a good game plan

Wendla likes to look around
He looks up and down to scout
His power never fails to at astound
What the hell is that about!

Now as for the wanderer
Because he likes to fight
Does not make him a murderer
Do you understand the mans’ plight?

Now as for Seige, Sharp and Bloody
I do not know them well
I will set them up as my understudy
They will fight their way, right to hell