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Patty Edmonds

Patty Edmonds

Jan 28, 2022, 12:4701/28/22

Patty Edmonds

The original author's spelling is retained.


Strongholds are readied
as troops mass within
when Aesirs are summoned
the siege will begin

The army’s full complement
will determine their fate
As the red lines of
Jotunn troops dominate

Mimir the wisest
of Gods from the North
Giving defence and health skills
as the troop sallies forth

But sometimes wisdom
will come at a cost
with Modi’s advantage
Defence can be lost

Modi bestows Jarls
with offence and health
for the Son of Thor
delivers Soul shards and wealth

Freyr holds advantage
over Modi it seems
Astride Gullenbursti
Fire dulls to Earths gleam

As the numbers of Fallen
and Shadows will wane
The blessing of Freyr
helps more souls to train

The Earth goddess Gefjon
blesses the land
with melee and ranged
their skills will expand

The siege is completed
The stronghold lays dead
Valhalla has feasted
With rivers of red

Summon them wisely
With the skill of a chief
They recover in sanctuary
For their time here is brief