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Sa-ood Samodien

Sa-ood Samodien

Aug 27, 2021, 13:4308/27/21

Sa-ood Samodien

The original author's spelling is retained.


It was a cold afternoon after a long day of walking in the snow with her clan, her fathers clan behind him and his white wolf walking and next to the terrifying and huge wolf was a small pure white coated wolf cub, as she was walking the cub started to feel playful and ran off into the forests of midgard, venturing too close to the gate of Jotunheim, unknowingly the father calls out to his daughter to bring the wolf cub back "Helga!! Fetch the cub and be back before dark!!" she was already chasing the cub, she too was feeling playful...

it was near sunset now and she finally found the cub and they were playing the snow together, tumbling and rolling around the snow, furs covered and coated in snow... Suddenly! a horn blows, she doesn't recognise this blaring, loud and unsettling sound of this horn, it's not one she recognises and believe that it may be just a new horn they are carving up that is just not quite ready yet, she then calls the cub to her and he wolf jumps and runs up to her and tackling her back down into a blanket of snow, laughingly in the snow she gets up and tells the wolf they need to get back, weirdly the wolf kind of understood, cocking his head in a sideways motion and looking at her, then running towards the direction of their town and she start to chase and run after the cub and the cub slows down to let her catch up and he starts to run around her legs and in front of her and after a few miles of walking she recognises the smell of wood burning, straw too and pitch sealant, "that's the smell of houses burning" she says to herself and starts to run and sprint towards their town, dark clouds of smoke in the air, the forest around the town being mowed down and burnt, massive footprints, axes and arrow tips on the surface of snow, red stains in the snow that are hard to miss, thinking to herself "surely father was victorious and alive!!" getting closer to the town, seeing the mayhem and chaos that befalled her town! she immediately fell to the ground seeing her father staked onto the wall of their town and his huge white lying beneath the stake, the fur stripped clean from her body, lying naked on the snow, red stained snow around her and the Chief on a pike, she picks herself up and tried to get near the mayhem and destruction, buildings still on fire and wood falling to the ground burning! she gets to the body of her father, the pup whimpering running to it's mother, licking her bare skin in hope that the wounds would heal, she picks the pup up with tears in her eyes and impairing her sight, she walks the town of burnt wood, blackened and red blood stained cobble roads, she sees the chieftains house, her home that is now destroyed and burnt... she enters to the smoky, broken down house and searches through hoping to find something.. after searching and searching the sun has set, it is now completely dark, she knows shouldn't make a fire but cannot help herself or else she will freeze to death, she finds a dirty and old blanket in the granary, some food was still left even though they emptied the granaries and stock pile of resources, she remembered "ahh the hidden vault" she rushed over to the far end of the town and the vault has not been uncovered, still hidden but now more visible because of the moss and tress that were hiding it has been burnt down, she opens it and goes inside and she is left with some resources and foods. their are women, children and elderly men in the vault, all in despair, disbelief of the news she has told them, "at dawn, they will see for themselves" she thought. it was going to be a very cold night, cuddled up next to her pup, a pure white wolf she began to feel not so lonely and cold...

many years later, she has grown up into a Chieftess over her fathers town, they've managed to restore the town more so even improve the defenses and now has several alliances with other jarls and many of them are her trusted elders who help her with decisions and strategies, below them are the warlords who are the battle ready!! and they are now said to be one of the strongest and Formidable clans in the entire kingdom, she has recently Become the Konung of Bolungavik. They are the most feared and no one would dare to even speak up against the konung, she is now to be thought of as the spear of Odin and that the Aesirs support her every move and those that oppose her are the enemies of the Aesirs!