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Rwelter Welter

Rwelter Welter

Aug 27, 2021, 13:2408/27/21

Rwelter Welter

The original author's spelling is retained.


Seeker is his name. Of Scandinavia origin, the purest Viking blood runs in his veins. Raised by feared warriors, he grew up without knowing fear. Undefeated in all battles, he spreads fear and terror among his enemies. His appearance provokes panic, with his hair and red beard fluorescent, legend has it that he uses an ax forged by Odin and an eagle hungry for human eyes, a delicacy its most appreciates. In addition to possessing unprecedented strength and skills, he is also an expert strategist on the battlefield. His specialty is crushing the enemy, cornering and chasing each one to its complete annihilation.

Like every Viking, he is also skilled in the art of looting and destroying, wreaking chaos wherever he goes. They say that just hearing his name, many warriors already tremble and flee. But it is believed that he is not the supreme warrior, as they have already discovered his weakness. A passion that makes him vulnerable. Seeker's heart melts for Protectress, an admirable warrior. But that's a theme for another story.