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MIgos Ayas

MIgos Ayas

Aug 27, 2021, 12:4108/27/21

MIgos Ayas

The original author's spelling is retained.


All Hail Styrmir, the one who causes storms!

Once upon a time there was a boy named Styrmir, Jomsviking father and shieldmaiden mother sent to Valhalla. The loss of his parents hurt Styrmir enormously, grieving in pain and lost in sorrowness took a high toll on his body. Styrmir didn’t eat nor sleep. He was left by the Jomsvikings for dead. Days passing, heavy rain, heavy winds looked like he lost all hope to live.
Then on a burning hot day, boars passed true the corpses of the Vikings. Smelling and tasting the corpses. The boar saw Styrmir and grabbed him by shoulder. Seeing he couldn’t even move an inch, taking him into the forest, to feed the young boars.

Upon coming home to his cave the boar saw that all the young boars were slain, except for one young boar. That was in the mouth of the wolf. The wolfs surrounded the boar and Styrmir. Fighting biting each other, the wolfs were killing the boar slowly, While the leader wolf faced Styrmir with his last strength , Styrmir took a sharp rock and cut the nose of the wolf that was growling in his face. The wolfs ran away seeing their leader hurt. The cut of the wolfs nose sprayed blood on the face of Styrmir which gave him adrenaline. The feeling adrenaline made him pass out, knowing he was in a weak body state. After waking up, he collected himself, by eating all the raw meat of the boars, Took the young boar next to him fed him the same as himself.

Days passing, years passing, his young boar friend helped him through the sleepless and worry full nights. That in the end became a partner to him . They trained and hunted together for many years. They collected Armor from the fallen corpses and made it for themselves. The partner of Styrmir got the name Gullinjorr meaning golden wild boar, like the stories of freyr naming her boar Gullinbursti.
The boy that was left for dead Styrmir, was now a man. The jomsvikings returned after suffering much losses on other battlefields, the jomsvikings were scattered throughout the lands.

One day a group of jomsvikings were ambushed by a pack of wolfs, The jomsvikings were all in a weak state. The wolfs started to surround the group of jomsvikings. In the distant a fierce Roar coursed through the winds. The wolfs were paralyzed by the roar, Storming in Styrmir and Gullenjorr. Gullenjorr knocking all the wolfs on his path in the air. Styrmir piercing with his long spear in the heads of the wolfs. The jomsvikings were impressed and were blasting in joy, knowing their prayers had been answered by the Gods. They needed a leader a chieftain that could unite the jomsvikings. Strong fierce brave leader, months passing, Styrmir was collecting all the jomsvikings through the lands. His stories were coursing throughout the lands, like the wind that rages in a storm night.

He was a strong and a very feared leader by his enemies. But as every viking, he knew Valhalla awaits him.

On his last battle, the enemy came with 4 times more men than Jomsvikings. The Jomsviking fought bravely, Styrmir and Gullinjorr fought fierce, but they were outnumbered. Seeing the fall of his jomsvikings, made Styrmir use his last stand. He used the horn of storms. and the weather changed drastically in a storm weather. Styrmir the gods have answered your cry. Thunder slashed on the battlefield, enraging Styrmir and Gullinjorr , they charged slashed many enemies, with each strike Styrmir enraged more causing him to go frenzy mode, they slaughtered the entire enemy, leaving no enemy to run. But with all the wounds bleeding, he fell and looked into the sky. Grasping that moment with his hand. Valhalla take me! Valhalla claimed Styrmir.

All hail Styrmir!!!