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Fury: The Beginners Guide to Winning

Fury: The Beginners Guide to Winning

Mar 28, 2019, 00:0703/28/19

Fury: The Beginners Guide to Winning

Fury: The Beginners Guide to Winning.

Conditions to make your tactics effective:

1. A fine tuned Clan/Kingdom with great communication skills. All Jarls to know their role within the Clan.

   a. Chief/Elders to give direction and make crucial decisions about strategy.

   b. ALL Clan members are on the same page for the current objectives. All members of the clan to read the current events, know which bonus are running to ensure you're maximizing boosts and reducers.

2. Pre-War (Battle) Checklist.

   a. Do your homework on the enemy Kingdoms/Clans. Knowing as much as you can about your opponent will give you an upper hand. Who holds POP? When does Pop shield? Who are the high influence players? What is their troop type? Who has the reputes? Who is a non active player? Use guard payoffs for shield drops. You want your POP to shield at the start of the event so you'll have the 1st 24 hours to have the awesome Reputes that deal damage and help you grow.

   b. 1-2 hours before the start of Fury ensure, farmers come off tiles and cease digging before the start. Go through your home kingdom and use guard payoffs to ensure no shield drops occur. Scan and scout the kingdom to ensure unshielded towns are empty. We call this the Purge.

   c. Load up the clan store so it is not to interrupt game play. Jarls can use their loyalty points to purchase many different boosts, relocations, peace shields, resource yielding speed up... etc

3. Our tactics for Fury is still an ongoing learning process, as it is new to all.

   a. Relocate to Kingdoms with active bonus that gives 2x the points, Resource yielding, Enemy troop kill, Killing off invaders and ghosts, and the best Towers of Fury. Players must know their role. These extra bonuses are crucial when used in conjunction with our normal boosts. USE RELEVANT BOOSTS, Ensure you have the proper gear on and you are using the right Shaman.

   b. When the towers appear in enemy Kingdom be prepared. Have 3-5 Jarls use random relocations to find the lower level towers, as these are easier to handle. Quickly form Onslaughts when towers are in Enemy Kingdom and in Home Kingdom be prepared to defend them!

   c. Timing is everything. Ensure you have the power to hold POP and defend while possibly defending the towers at the same time.

So much to learn... thank to all who have wrote as it gives better insight on winning future events. I am sure I forgot some stuff as this is the second time I've wrote this out... somehow I lost my first draft.

Learn, Fight, Grow....


Mar 30, 2019, 10:4103/30/19
Awesome advice 🥰